manx kitty upset


manx kittehIn a stunning reversal —

It turns out Pants did not succumb to the cute manx kitty the cute manx kitty still needs a home and even though I know none of you bastards will adopt the cute kitty because you could not even vote on a fun Supernatural poll so who am I kidding go do it anyway :



6 Responses to manx kitty upset

  1. I’d risk the wrath of Insanity for this little guy… how could I pass up a cat named after a weapon?????!!! Oh I know, because they don’t FEDEX cats anywhere for any reason.



  2. max

    He is awfully cute. And also in Texas.

    I am such a goof Pants had posted him so when she posted she got a kitty I thought he was it.

  3. I would adopt the kitty (especially since my roommate might be allergic to it) but I live in Vancouver. Can you mail it?

  4. max

    We need some kind of underground kitty manx railroad.

  5. i would adopt the cute-lil-manx-kitty…
    southwest has some good fares to reno. do you think they’d give kitty a half-price deal?

  6. max

    I look at that little cat and just think “want.”

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