passion by john carroll doyleYou Are A Part Time Maneater

While you’re not a black widow, you’ve definitely left a few guys feeling used and abused. You’re only out for fun, but sometimes you get a little carried away with your flirting. Cute guys tend to make you lose control. You really can’t help it. You’re a good girl at heart… you just can’t help but let your bad girl side out sometimes.


:::are you a maneater:::


where the art work comes from :
that is passion by john carroll doyle

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  1. I am also a part-time maneater. With the answers I was giving I was dead sure I was going to be some kind of monster. I’m quite relieved.

    I like your picture better.

  2. You’re a Part Time Maneater
    You’re a good girl at heart… you just can’t help but let your bad girl side out sometimes!

    I’m a wishy-washy Maneater?

  3. initiation

    Mine said I’m a slutbag. I object.

  4. max

    Oh no. Initiat, did it really say that?

  5. initiation

    Well, it said I was a total maneater. Look, I can’t help it that pansy ass men flock to me and cry. And I can’t help it if I like to take boys home to play with…. Okay, so “play” is more akin to the kind of “playing” a cat does with a baby mouse, but still–IT’S PLAYING!

    It did say everyone was a little afraid of me. I get that a lot, actually. I hear I’m intimidating as hell. I like that. Rawr and all.

    (PS–you know it’s me–I’m just logged in under a not-so-super-secret WP alternablog. No big deal with calling my pants out.)

  6. initiation

    Here’s the verbatim (in italics with my own commentary):
    Almost every guy that crosses your path ends up a little worse for the wear.

    Or better. Just ask their next girlfriends. I’ve gotten thank yous, I tell you!

    You see men as your playthings

    – and your motto is “So many men, so little time.”
    No, more like: “So many men… C’mere.” (Though also, my motto is: “No accent, no interest.”)

    And while you’re having fun, everyone is a little scared of you.
    Yeah, yeah. Boo.

    Your girlfriends are leery of your maneating ways.
    Only cos sometimes I hit on them too.

    And most men find you downright freaky.
    And that’s bad…how??

  7. max

    No I do not know who this is.

  8. Thanks for putting Hall & Oates in my head :P

  9. initiate

    See above re: Pants. Tra la la.

    Ohhh! Hall & Oates! Stand-alone ‘stache alert! (Oates circa 1987 is sooooo somebody’s boyfriend.)

    [that help with the identity crisis, dollface?]

  10. max

    Jeez, Pants, what are you doing running around all incognito?

  11. initiate

    Checka your email. You shall see.

  12. Me too, Max, me too!

    You must have answered – “Boys with Girlfriends Are Off Limits,” right?

    Yeah your picture rules.

  13. I’m so glad Ms Pants is alive! On the myspace death page there is someone listed as Ms Pants who succumbed to a very tragic fate. Whew!

  14. max

    Is that the one that saved us? Whew.

  15. i actually attempted to take this by changing the word man to woman, but it got all bent, so i went off to surf transgender sites

  16. max

    I would lend you some heels but no way are those elephant feet fitting in my little shoes.

  17. i don’t have big feet, but only bruno magli make my toes look pretty

  18. Max we could go into business together. Somebody gave me a great idea the other day…she saw my Louboutins and complained that she couldn’t fit into such shoes because she was flat footed…she claims there are no heels for flat footed women…

    Just sayin’~~

  19. I am half a man eater. More than I expected.

  20. max

    There are no heels for flat footed women because if you are flat footed you do not have arches that can hold you up in heels. Sort of like, if you cannot get onto pointe without the shoes, you cannot dance pointe. Sucks to be her but that is how it works she has to go do foot exercises.

  21. There’s got to be a way to cheat.

    Don’t fret, Jennifer.

  22. max

    Wedge heels. People with flat feet can handle some wedge heels.

    This is why we have to wear all the pretty shoes we can while we are young enough to wear them. When the feet go, so do the pretty shoes.

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