making marilyn



*max making up model ariel
*photo by kitty sibille


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  1. Your alien daughter.
    Thank you so much for helping out for Ariel’s prom, she had such a wonderful time and no doubt she got a lot of attention looking like this.

  2. Max

    I had a good time doing it, thanks for sharing your family — and my alien daughter, smile — with me.

  3. what a fabulous picture Max. Have never seen this particular shot.
    Can’t help but see so much in such a simple peek into Marilyn’s day to day like.
    Perhaps because it’s not staged. I’d like to think so.

  4. Max

    Thank you, Rachael. You have not seen it before because it is a new photo. That is not actually Marilyn, that is me putting Marilyn makeup on a friend.

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