mainlining petroleum


barbie_vs_dinosaurI am watching TV.

Another drug ad comes on.

It seems like more than half the ads on television are drug ads.

[Say aren’t we in the middle of a war on drugs?]

Most of the drug ads tell you there are a thousand ways they can kill you but do not worry about that they are nifty. Also mostly they tell you that they do not protect against anything you are actually getting the pills or injections to protect against but just in case give it a try and also say they have hella side effects like cramps, baldness, bruising, personality change, insanity, depression, suicidal thoughts, mad sex crazed urges, rage, hallucinations, gross physical abnormality, inexplicable and undiagnosable pain, unforseen hair growth in odd and mysterious places, unforseen hair loss in odd and mysterious places, seizures, dry mouth, bad breath, body odor, loss of erection, over erection, under eating, over eating, jaundice and, um, DEATH.

But hey give them a try.

[It is appalling to me I am so used to all this I can type that all out off the top of my head and not even blink when usually these kinds of reactions are attributed to victims of biological warfare. But. Anyway — ]

This ad —

This particular ad. It catches my attention more. It says you should not get the injection if you are allergic to one of the ingredients — petroleum.


Does anyone who is not a machine not have a problem with being injected with petroleum?

That is non-refined gasoline, right?


where the art work comes from :
that is barbie vs dinosaur from jessie

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  1. “A thick, flammable, yellow-to-black mixture of gaseous, liquid, and solid hydrocarbons that occurs naturally beneath the earth’s surface.”

    Sign me up!

    I live in Vancouver, BC and hadn’t watched TV in the U.S. in several years. I did over the holidays and that was the one thing I noticed… all the drug ads… I was shocked and appalled… and a bit confused… they couldn’t be serious, right?

  2. max

    They are serious — and totally out of control.

  3. When I first started nursing we kept getting these patients from a certain nursing home with all these vitamin deficiencies.
    Come to find out, the nursing home was using mineral oil as a salad dressing instead of cooking or vegetable oil. All the fat soluble vitamins would bind with the mineral oil in their digestive system and they would just pass it.
    Why was the nursing home doing this? They thought it was good for the patients because it had no calories.

  4. First off, pharmaceuticals have no business being directly marketed to grandma, grandpa, dad, or me… Petroleum is also a well known carcinogen, WTF? That’s a good one, but my oersonal favorite is the drug that can cause uncontrollable urges to gamble and or have sex, LOL!

  5. That one about uncontrollable urges to gamble or have sex cracks me up whenever I see it.

    Seriously, these drugs are scary as hell. I saw one last night for that said it can cause death too – who the hell would take that?

  6. I routinely use petroleum jelly on various parts of my anatomy with no deleterious effects, but whenever i soak my head in unleaded petrol (even premium unleaded) i *always* get a headache.

    Stinking drug companies!

  7. max

    Gully you crack me up.

  8. Admore

    Paraphrasing George Orwell – we have always been at war with drugs.

    Also, don’t forget the baldness cure that causes horrible horrible birth defects – so totally worth it!

  9. I think that particular ad was oriented towards Cylons……

  10. Thanks for the link back to my picture! I had no idea it was here.

  11. max

    It is a great photo.

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