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love is an umbrellaLast time —

I was visiting home I ran into my buddy Denise at the grocery store. It is a real small town up there so it is easy to run into people you know at the grocery store it pretty much happens any time you go to the grocery store because there are only two grocery stores. And she and I and her long time beau are standing at the check out line and he accidentally knocks her purse off the counter.

Wham! Keys go flying, make up goes flying, hair brushes, miscellaneous things that go in women’s purses, it all goes flying.

The three of us freeze, watching lip gloss and tampons roll across heavily trafficked linoleum.

And he says, “Oops, garage sale.”

And she laughs.



It made me think about relationships.

About what makes them work.

And I think it is tolerance. Of accidents. Of imperfections. And maybe an appreciation of humor during non-humorous events.



I might be too mean to make a relationship work. I am not too tolerant of stuff like having the contents of my purse strewn across a grocery store floor. Maybe I better get another dog. Though, oddly, I have dealt with puppies chewing up favorite shoes and gotten over it. [Shoes are sacrosanct to me.] Stripping wall paper off a wall I had to then re-paper. Pulling chunks out of a carpet I had to then re-patch. Pulling the stuffing out of a chair cushion I had to then re-upholster. [Loke was a Golden, Golden puppies have a rough stage.] Eating plants. Leaping in large muddy bodies of water that requires serious towel and bath action and do not ask what happens in the car between the leap and that bath action. And strewing my lingerie across the back yard for every neighbor, God, and the guys in a suspiciously slow moving helicopter to see.

Hmm. Actually. That is pretty damn tolerant.

Maybe I just like dogs better than men.


where the art work comes from :
that is love is an umbrella from sara heinrichs

13 Responses to love & tolerance

  1. You just haven’t met the right man yet. That is all.

  2. Often the qualities we loathe in others are the qualities we dislike in ourselves. People are our mirror. So don’t be so tough!

  3. max

    LOL — I will keep that in mind, Stil.

    Kit, you are always on my side. I love you for that.

  4. Hey, that’s not so hard to do. You’re always right. Almost.

  5. Maybe you just haven’t met the right girl!

  6. max

    Lulu you are incorrigible. LOL

  7. Aw, Max, you do love me!

    You know you would be disappointed if I didn’t try still, at least once in a while, even if I’m still *sniff*… still not back amongst your favorites.

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  9. brut

    Where are the “coqs” around here? Not one freakin word? Okay… at the risk of life and limb I’ve gotta ask… What the hell does a minor insignificant nothing accident of knocking over a purse have to do with a Relationship?

  10. max

    You spend a lot of nights on the couch right Brut?

  11. Brut, it’s kind of like having your girl zip your jeans for you when your not wearing underware, and she gets a little of the “boy’s” skin in the zipper.

    Sorry Max, but it helps to be graphic with men.

  12. max

    Um. I would say it is more like a girlfriend borrowing your car and bringing it back with all the radio stations reprogrammed and the seats and mirrors readjusted. A thoughtless act that is going to take hours to sort out. Though the purse on the floor is more accidental. Also, readjusting radio stations and seats and mirrors does not destroy powdered compacts.

  13. brut

    Well… I think A guy getting dumped from a “relationship” for knocking over a purse should buy a powerball loto ticket or head for Vegas because that day is one of the luckiest days of his life.

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