love at first sight

It was a dark and stormy night —

No, wait, I am saving that one for “enormously original openings.”

Okay. Actually, it was a sunny day. Kind of hot. A boring sort of sunny day in Los Angeles. There are many sunny days in Los Angeles. Most of them are sort of hot. I was eight. And we were on the way to my grandmother’s house.

skateboard ii by lowell fox

I am not making that up. We really were on the way to my grandmother’s house. [Now I probably have to pay a royalty to the creators of some Christmas jingle. Oh the pain.] Who lived somewhere in Los Angeles I could not tell you, me having no sense of direction. Not then, not now, not ever. “We” being my parents, my [annoying but bigger and stronger than me so I had to rule with fear] little brother, and I.

[Say, did you see that pronoun? Nifty, huh? I do not do that often either. Use the right pronoun. I don’t like “right” pronouns. Mark your calendars.]

We stopped at a red light.

And there he was.

This kid with a skateboard. Standing at the curb. Waiting for the light to change. Looking back at me.

I was in love.

I was eight years old.

And there is no way in hell you can say, when you are eight years old, Stop the car, that is the love of my life, always has been, always will be, stop the car.

The light changed.

We pulled away.

And I have never seen him since.

I remember him though.

where this came from : seemaxrun, thoughts 2004

where the art came from : that is skateboard ii by lowell fox

23 Responses to love at first sight

  1. Sophia

    Are you cheating on Mirco, Max Adams?

  2. max

    No way. I would never cheat on Mirco. This was before Mirco.

  3. Sophia

    Good! That wouldn’t be so nice of you, you know. Just don’t go back to long lost loves. They hurt. Besides, it’s unfair for poor Mirco. How could he ever compete a young, cool dude on a skateboard?

  4. max

    The abs, Sophia, the abs. Who is going to compete with Mirco’s abs?

  5. Sophia

    Go check your mail.

  6. Sophia

    Okay, I love cracking you up, that’s true, you know it. But, jeez woman, is that all you’ve got say? WHAT HAS MIRCO DONE TO YOU??? You’re such a loyal imaginary girlfriend.

  7. max

    Oh sheesh, I am still swoony for a boy I saw for 60 seconds tops through a car window at a stop light when I was eight years old. My crushes strike like lightning and last.

  8. Sophia

    I think we should do something about this. It’s totally unhealthy.

  9. max

    Hey all my other crushes are on anime characters it is totally healthy this a real live breathing human being.

  10. You know what this means, don’t you? You’re forever destined to swoon over every skater you see. Hopefully they’re older than eight.

  11. max

    This might explain my weakness for hockey players. Hmm.

  12. When I was eight, I fell in love too. He was a teenager and the first brown eyed person I had ever seen. Weird, I know but these were shiny penny reflective romantic brown eyes….. He was drinking 7/7’s. I could not wait to grow up and have that. AHHH thanks for reminding me Max! By the way, Anime characters are hot!

  13. Sophia

    It’s funny you should say that. You know who’s a hockey player, don’t you? He’s so mine, though!

  14. max

    Keanu plays hockey?

  15. Sophia

    Aka “The Wall”. Yep, he’s a goalie. And a damn hot one, if you ask me. I only wonder: do goalies also… [coughs]… um… score?

  16. max

    Oh, goalies. I always had a raging crush on Marty McSorley. :::dreamy sigh:::

  17. Sophia

    Oh the :::dreamy sigh::: !!!

  18. I think we have all experienced crushes at the tender age of eight. Except mine was always on the boy’s older brother or maybe even dad. Figures.

    I’ll have to google Marty McSorley now.

  19. max

    I do not think much changes after the age of eight. I still crush on athletes, you still crush on older guys.

  20. mr. lowell sent me. nice stuff. it’s amazing that some of our childhood memories still stick with us over the years.

  21. max

    The better ones do. Wow I have not talked to Mr. Lowell in an age. Tell him hi.

  22. i shall. thanks for hitting my page. drop by again sometime.

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