lose the snort


When I catch myself —

Making little snorty sighing noises at the keyboard it is time for a break. I know this snort. It is the soft snort a horse makes when it does not agree with your choice of direction — but will do it anyway. The soft snort a dog makes — before stoically stepping into a shower stall. The soft snorty little sigh I make without meaning to — for pretty much the same reasons.

The trick is “break” lately means go continue efforts to seize control of my body back from gravity now the arm is solid enough to work out again.

I do not want to wrestle gravity today.


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  1. Faig M

    The horses in your picture are beautiful.


  2. max

    Faig. Don’t put stories like this on my blog.

  3. I myself am headed for a hot bath. Less gravity. Lots of yummy warmth. Soothing.

  4. Kim

    beautifully illustrated. i know this feeling.

  5. I wrote a poem about you.

    I needed an inspiration since I try to write daily. Hope you don’t mind.

  6. max

    I was an inspiration? That works for me.

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