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lingerie_sgoetzinI watch —

Way too many cop shows. They freak me out. And too many medical shows. I am totally freaked if I die some stranger will go through my financial records while another interviews old boyfriends while another is cutting my chest open and yet another is running tongue swabs or [worse!] vaginal swabs [fresh motherfucker!] —

I must find a religion that says you cannot put me on a slab naked anyone in crime division can get a gander at for fun sport or as a work requirement.


a list of my cop shows: law & order, ncis, bones, the closer, saving grace, without a trace….


where the art work comes from :
that is from sgoetzin

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  1. Dan

    I’m pretty sure that the more orthodox sects of both Judaism and Islam do not allow autopsies to be performed on the deceased. I could be wrong on this, though.

    Either way, let’s be real: I’d much rather take a gander while you were still drawing breath.

  2. max

    I think anything that outlaws alcohol milk pork and/or high heels is going to be problematic. Say how come the Catholics allow autopsies? I would make a great Catholic. Oh, wait, no birth control. Hmm.

  3. Just don’t die “suspiciously.” In California an autopsy is performed even if it’s considered some kind of desecration by the survivor’s beliefs… In fact, in many states science trumps faith when a crime may have been committed. That said, WTF? Every other show on TV (from its inception) is either centered around cops/lawyers, or doctors.

  4. max

    Well sheesh Woe I am clinging to a thread here just maintaining any sort of control over the living part of life I do not think I am going to even control the dying part from what I have seen most people do not.

  5. Dan

    Now that you mention it, the real devout Catholics probably don’t care for autopsies, either.

    I think you should just start some kind of heathen sex cult. Hmm…what was I saying?

  6. When you find it, let me know and I’ll join up too. I also watch way too many of those shows. Sadly, when the first reports of Natasha Richardson’s fall came out, I immediately thought “subdural hematoma” because I had just seen it on a CSI rerun a month ago. Lovely.

  7. I cannot watch medical shows, they make me queasy and induce hypochondria.

  8. I can’t speak for M.E. Offices but we didn’t have rows of naked bodies in the embalming room- now THAT would have been creepy.

  9. max

    Good to know Anita. [wink]

    Anyone else ever notice how weird it is on NCIS there is always a naked body on the slab with no genitalia?

  10. I have been watching NCIS reruns (great quirky cast) and have never noticed genitalia free bodies. This coming from your resident pervert. Time to find the misplaced eyeglasses.

    I’ve yet to watch Dexter…what about you?

  11. max

    I watched the first two seasons of Dexter. It is an interesting show.

    You would only have noticed the bodies if they had genitalia your radar does not pick up the missing in action stuff.

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