long days


angelIt is going to be a very long day tomorrow. A very early day tomorrow. And it has already been a very long — very late — day today.

Tragically this leaves me a little too numb and stupid to really write anything clever in between.




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  1. Y’know Kate leaves me that way sometimes…

    I like it!


  2. i like the statue.
    relax max, so you can keep bringing your brilliant pieces for us to read.

  3. Haha Janie!

    What is red hot Adams up to these days?

  4. Oh MYGOSH this is the same thing as when you can’t find the remote for the TV and it doesn’t occur to anyone to get up and switch the TV the semi-old fashioned way.

    The Pez Monster

  5. Anita, that’s when you buy a new remote. How else can you change the channels?

  6. Firm

    I don’t know…telekinesis?

    Myself..I just got up and reach out..but I’m old school in that respect.


  7. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me too. After work, I get to go home and install a new hard drive in my laptop. It crashed 10 days ago and they just delivered the new one. So that means hours of formatting and partitioning, and loading software, just so I’m at a point where I can begin customizing the thing again…

    I’ve been blogging on reserve power over here!

  8. aj

    “too numb and stupid to write anything clever”..

    Welcome to my world, Adams.

  9. max

    Oh sheesh you guys know if you cannot find the remote the next best thing is a well aimed tennis ball.

    [Live fifteen or so years with a Golden Retriever, you develop real good aim with a tennis ball but changing channels with it really confuses the dog.]

  10. [Live fifteen or so years with a Golden Retriever, you develop real good aim with a tennis ball but changing channels with it really confuses the dog.]

    Yes, I’d imagine so!

    My remote is not working either. Wish I could train my cat to push the television buttons with her paws. But if that started happening I’d have to seriously consider therapy.

  11. The voice of reason returns…

  12. max

    It is 3:20. I am knocking off work. I have been working solid since 10 am except for that hour I knocked off for lunch and the time I spent putting up a fun play on the site because doy I could not write something new so pilfer something seemed like a good idea. If you knock off the lunch and post time that is still a lot of hours. Like what, 16? I remember pulling this kind of ongoing long haul madness stunt in college. I am not in college. This was such a bad idea.

  13. Max, I can sympathize. Last October, I went in on a Monday at 8:00am, ate lunch in the office, ate dinner in the office, and finally left at 7:00am on Tuesday. I slept until 10:30am, came back into the office, and worked until 5:30am on Wednesday (I went out for lunch and dinner on Tuesday). When I came to bed Wednesday evening, my wife said “Who are you, and what are you doing in my bed?”

    I have no idea how old you are, but 45 is WAY too old to be pulling that kind of crap.

  14. BTW, you seem to have your page’s time zone set for Alaska Daylight Time. Is that intentional?

  15. max

    I should say yes and pretend it is a clever metaphor right?

  16. That, or some self-correcting mechanism for dealing with chronic tardiness. ;)

  17. max

    That is not “tardiness” that is “fashionably late.”

  18. I am sitting here because I have three hours of time to kill.

    Speaking of which, please don’t hurt me.

  19. max

    Well, despite frenzy, my nails are perfect.

  20. That’s my Max. Unflappable. My nails are horrible. Could you give me a..hand? lol

  21. max

    You are in the wrong state for that.

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