Is it just me —

Or does anyone else think Palin is confusing a Russian head of state with the i can has cheezeburger cat?


Also Palin almost killed Anita playing the caribou barbie drinking game.


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  1. Palin?
    I’m gonna puke.

    Be back later.

  2. max

    I see you played the drinking game too.

  3. max

    Talk about the wrong word to pull out of the hat.

  4. I read she said that 15 times.

  5. max

    Oh wow. Anita is not a drinker. No wonder she is talking decapitation.

  6. It was only 15 times? It FEELS like it was more then 15.
    EverytimeI turn my head my eyes get stuck to the sides of my face.

  7. max

    I am agog you managed to get a glass to your mouth fifteen times. You sure you were not wearing most of those drinks?

  8. Love how Palin is stealing the “change.” But I guess when you can’t tout “experience”…

  9. she has pretty good calves for an older heifer. The other three I’m betting not so much.

    hi max

  10. max

    Holy cats, Criminy Jicket. Where have you been hiding?

  11. as you once stated, Max, I’m a bit of a slacker.
    kids work, etc managed to keep me away.

    Or, if it pleases you more, pretend I was enthralled by the sensual wiles of an amorous 400 pound asian woman.

    are you well?

  12. max

    I like the enthralled by a woman part best. I am well.

  13. me too…it was basically true except the four hundred pound part. And the enthralled might of been a bit much. I don’t enthrall easy.

    so you? married? Kids? *l*

  14. max

    Oh I am saving myself for you, Criminy, you cheater.

  15. never save yourself…live just fast enough to enjoy the last day.

    but you could do worse….not much, maybe, but…..

  16. max

    Oh jeesh you are playing hard to get again?

    [Hey am I going to get hate mail from your stalker for flirting you up again?]

  17. the stalker appears to have moved on…one’s never certain.

    not playing hard to get Max…anything you want, anytime you want it

    now how ez is that?

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