loke was this good


I love this.

I lifted it from Rain’s.

And Loke was this good.




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  1. max

    It is greased lightning dog yay!

  2. Kym

    Shemany! I usually think trained dogs look too repressed. But that dog was having the time of its life. I’m grinning just thinking of how happy they looked.

  3. max

    Not if they are trained right — and the right dog.

    When I used to talk to Loke [yeah I talked to my dog — and also he did talk back lock me up] a lot of the discussion was about how Loke was a dog who needed a job. He was a Golden and he got very bored if there was not something to learn and do. He wanted and needed goals and got real happy when he had them and could perform them and succeed.

    It really does depend on the dog. Dolph had already picked all his goals out at birth. So when he did stuff he was trained to do, it was just because he loved you and was humoring you.

    Loke? It was because wanted something new to conquer. Loke could do anything too, if you told him in dog speak just what it was, and he was proud and happy doing it to him it was an accomplishment and once that kind of dog gets it figured, he does not just do the job, he improvises to make it better.

    That is what this dog reminds me of. So happy. So proud and excited and happy doing it. It is a hard routine and he got it and got it well and is just rocking.

  4. I USED to give my dog Domino those little doggie cookies for treats- and after awhile she’d sort of open her mouth and then take it and then she’d spit it out.

    Later she learned this neat trick- she made it up all on her own.

    She’d take the cookie, leave it in the hallway and then she’d hide behind the couch and wait for her sister or one the younger cats to take it.

    Then she’d charge out and chase them all around the living room.

    She was the smarted dog in her ‘puppy-garden’ class but that dog could take the simplest trick and improvise the hell out of it.

    You’re right Max, some dogs love that challange.

  5. ps did you like all my typos?
    Guess who wasn’t the ‘smartest’ in her Kindergarden classes?

  6. max

    Oh like typos ever meant smarts.

  7. conundrum

    I loved the thing with the wonderful dog but please to explain the title “loke was this good”.

  8. max

    Loki [Loke for short] was my dog and a Golden Retriever like the dog in this youtube.

    [i will link him in up above]

  9. I had a border collie and I agree with you 100% about some dogs just getting off on the challenge. I swear to god, that dog sighed heavily every time I made a typo. And all she ever wanted to do was tricks; she lived for performing. Agility champion at two, but we eventually ran out of things to teach her, after sitting up, balancing a coffee bean on her nose and whimpering a few bars of music. I tried to get her to do “God Save the Queen” like my friend’s poodle cross, but she couldn’t vocalize that well (poodles are talkers, collies not). She did learn the difference between left and right, though, which is more than most drivers.

  10. max

    A friend had a Border Collie who pushed the elevator button for the floor she worked on and the garage she parked in. Border Collies are super smart.

  11. Adorable!

    [Of course my comments on Rain’s are completely different but yours is more a family blog].

  12. Well, this certainly beats Pumpkin standing on her hind legs several times in a row and begging for pieces of Peruvian chicken. Sigh…

  13. max


    Loke loved chicken — he and Dolph studied German with me in collge so to them it was shinken and he would not even eat beef he just wanted shinken.

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