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corsetApparently I am —

Marianne Dashwood from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

[Ooh la la.]

“Mary Anne is lovely and unspoiled but she leads herself to heartbreak with her unfailing belief in the chivalry and romances of Shakespeare. She is bright, sweet, artistic and musical, passionate, and slightly naive.”

:::which 19th century literary heroine are you:::


ps : i am putting a corset in here so janiebelle and kym do not go into corset withdrawl


where i nabbed this quiz :
i nabbed this at rain’s

20 Responses to literary heroines & yours truly

  1. Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

    “Elizabeth is witty, vivacious, smart, funny, beautiful, and all together amazing. However, she lets her pride get in the way of several things that could make her happy. But that is canceled out by her realization of this and her subsequent humility, which makes her even more perfect.”

  2. Dan

    Yay corsets!

    I tried to find a similar quiz for the fellas…but no dice. I’d like to think I’m all broody and stand-offish like Darcy, but with my luck I’d probably get saddled with someone lame, like Collins.

  3. sulya

    You are Elinor Dashwood, form Jane Austen’s amazing “Sense and Sensibility.” Elinor is kind and strong, even though her mother leaves most of the work of their newly hardship-riddled lives to Elinor. She is a wonderful big sister, and is completely devoted to her two little sisters. She is modest, mature, honest, and good.

    I am uncertain as to how I feel about this.

    The corsets are certainly nice though.

  4. max

    Psst, Dan, try looking for one for heroes instead of heroines.

  5. Dan

    Why didn’t I think of that?

    Oh, wait…I did. There wasn’t one, which makes me sad. Got any more ice cream to help me forget my sorrows?

  6. Kym

    Dan, Fudge the quizzes. Nasty lying things anyway. Make up your own results.

    You are Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett and both Mr. Darcy (Looks just like Colin Firth) and Mr. Rochester are both passionately in love with you. Can’t make up your mind? Well, darling, luckily you are so wonderful, they are willing to share. Oh and Jayne from Firefly totally thinks you are hot and wouldn’t have anything to do with Max unless it was a way of getting to know you.

    My fantasies beat any quiz!

  7. max

    Oh you man hog. Jeez! Darcy and Jayne? That is just wrong.

  8. Dan

    I like Kym’s quizzes better.

    Max, I’ll share Darcy and Jayne. Y’know, if you want.

  9. aj

    I am also Marianne Dashwood.

  10. max

    Wow, as if I were not suspicious enough when this quiz kicked back “sweet and naive” at me, now that it has kicked it back at you I am doubly suspicious.

  11. aj

    Oh cmon, I embody sweet and naive.

  12. max

    Now you have done it I choked on my coca cola.

  13. You are Mary Anne Dashwood, from Jane Austen’s incredible book “Sense and Sensibility.” Mary Anne is lovely and unspoiled, but she leads herself to heartbreak with her unfailing belief in the chivalry and romances of Shakespeare. She is bright, sweet, artistic and musical, passionate, and slightly naive.

    Well…at least it didn’t crash when I took the quiz…but if my computer could have laughed it would have.

  14. You’ve been trawling through the archives! I am, of course, Lizzy Bennet, although why I never get to fuck men as hot as she does mystifies me. Perhaps they are in my future?

  15. max

    I saved that one a long time ago I just did not have a good corset at the time.

    Anita, there is some conspiracy up here when you, I, and AJ come out Marianne.

  16. Yay! I’m Elizabeth Bennet. She’s my favorite.

  17. max

    She is a good one.

  18. I’m Elinor also. I need to go wash… ;)

  19. joanarc4

    Hi Max…Lisa from screenwriting. I’ve tracked you down.

    So I took this quiz and am also Mary Anne Dashwood (and equally skeptical of the sweet and naive). Of course, I couldn’t decide how to answer the color question, since I didn’t think any of them fit me. I asked Avery, and he told me to stop taking the quiz, because I am chartreuse.

    I’m still laughing about that.

  20. max

    Hey, Lisa. Nice to see you here.

    I am beginning to think maybe that Marianne Dashwood was not quite as innocent and sheltered as she appeared. [smile]

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