You have to check this out.



8 Responses to lion

  1. My God that animal is huuuuuge!

  2. max

    Isn’t he gorgeous?

  3. He is beautiful, I just forget how big they are compared to us.
    What an amazing woman to take on a project like this.

  4. max

    I just want to cuddle with a lion now.

  5. sulya

    I. Want. One. Perhaps he could play with my Siberian Tiger???

    HIS PAWS! WOW. They are so huge. His big gorgeous mane…

    Me love cats.

  6. max

    You remember the story about the kid who takes the thorn out of the lion’s paw? I always thought that was some sort of parable but looking at this I am thinking maybe that story is way more accurate than anyone gives it credit for.

  7. californiablogging

    He is magnificant looking!

  8. Lucia

    There was actually a depressed pet lion in the f’way today till his owner coaxed him back to the cage. According to the owner who has 2 lions himself, lions are not recommended as pets. Of course, if you sort of have to risk your life everytime you want to hug your pet, lions are not good pet materials, no matter how beautiful/adorable/gorgeous/cuddlesome they are, it’s a fatal attraction. If you try to tame lions, they get depressed.

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