I posted on Facebook the other day that all my websites were crashed.

People came through and “liked” the post.



My websites are down, my servers are crashed, the school, my business, my book, everything, is offline crashed it could be the end of me.

People LIKED that.



There’s a weird autistic bordering on pathological [or maybe just pathological] mentality driving “likes.”

“Likes” mean “I was here” more than “I like this” or “I read this” or “I  saw you” or “I heard you.”

Just, “I was here.” Like initials carved in a school desk or graffiti on a bathroom stall wall. “I was here.”


What would happen if I posted that a parent or child died?



“I was here”?



3 Responses to like!

  1. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been cutting way back on liking stuff. Sometimes I’ll like a comment, but if a post catches my attention, I try to stop for a minute and think of something to actually say about it.

  2. Max

    That used to make a difference. It doesn’t any more. The algorithms on Facebook aren’t linked to personal social interactions anymore.

  3. Max

    Here is the thing. If a post catches you attention, you shouldn’t be thinking about something to say about it. You should hit the link and read the article. Conversations aren’t supposed to be about your response. Conversations are supposed to be about hearing. At least some of the time. AHHHHHH! That’s what is not happening. I’ll be on twitter and I’ll see a link that looks interesting and I’ll hit it, and the link doesn’t work. And if you dig deeper, the link hasn’t worked for the last five or ten or twenty RT’s. But nobody noticed. Nobody actually hit the link, people just forwarded. WTF? And on FB? Like is worse. People “like like like.” Well great, I am glad you like me, you’re cool too, except you’re zombie liking. I mean, if someone likes a post, I hope they read it. If someone likes a link, I hope they read that too. AND if someone likes a status update, Jesus. I hope they read that too. Because when I say the entire internet empire just blew up and I may be homeless tomorrow? Maybe someone should read that instead of zombie “liking” it. But I don’t think they do. AHHHHHH!

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