"like a vegetable"


This is totally —

My new favorite saying: Like a vegetable.

I picked that up on Woe’s blog. A seemingly normal person who was actually bat shit crazy kept tossing dark looks at Woe at the library reference desk and muttering, “That’s it, keep laughing… like a vegetable.”

This is better than tagging “in bed” on to the end of sentences. “I was rearranging the furniture, like a vegetable.” “He kissed me, like a vegetable.” “Shut up and drink your scotch, like a vegetable.”

That is hilarious to me.


*let’s not look too close here at the fact my new favorite phrase originated with a bat shit crazy person


where the art work comes from :
that is from madhorse5

0 Responses to “like a vegetable”

  1. Dan

    I am totally stealing it, too, like a vegetable.

    Wow…really works, don’t it?

  2. Chefleur

    Can I tell my kids to eat their vegetables, like a vegetable?

  3. Max…all these posts about food and wildlife in parks- are you going through a Yogi Bear phase?

  4. max

    Dan, it really does.

    Chef, yes, but you have to put a dollar in a jar every time you do it so you can pay for the therapy later.

    Anita, only if Yogi goes animate.

  5. Cle (Chefleur) duct tapes her kids to the wall when Doctor Who is on…don’t tell anyone…so I’m pretty sure that Jar is pretty full already.

  6. max

    Wow, maybe Cle could buy a yacht. I hear water is very soothing.

  7. I like the photo like a vegetable.

  8. max

    I love the freckled duck… like a vegetable.

  9. We had sex, like a vegetable?

    I think in bed goes better.

  10. max

    Well that depends on the partner I think.

  11. Chefleur

    Okay…who’s been stealing my hot parenting tips? BTW I watch Dr Who, like a vegetable.

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