like a cat

black cat watercolor by pam houleI am like a cat.

When I do not receive attention I want I prowl high ledges and small spaces.

Knocking things about.

Shelves are suffering.


were the art work comes from :
that is black cat watercolor by pam houle

[and that is the best link i can find for her]

50 Responses to like a cat

  1. max

    I am not that kind of cat.

  2. Max- after what I wrote my Cats are ready to move out…don’t be surprised if they show up at your place.


  3. As long as you don’t shed all over my coat, it’s cool.

  4. Z

    Just leave my lighters alone. I’m already picking them up off the floor every 10 minutes or so.

  5. max

    Oh those lighters are toast.

  6. We need to take Max on the prowl!

  7. Like, as in a manhunt!

    (Ok, I know it’s not all about men, just 90% of the time)!

  8. max

    LOL — well yeah, that is me throwing a temper tantrum when Valiant went mia.

  9. You know, I’m very intuitive. The other day, before I saw that you joked about Saint Bernards, I was thinking that something was off !

  10. max

    Hey AJ [the other AJ] and I are taking on Susan today. You are Cancer, right?

  11. How many AJs frequent this place? lol

    Um…afraid to answer truthfully but I have a feeling that any answer will bring bad news so I might as well ‘fess up and tell you that YES I AM!

    Oh no! Why?

  12. BTW, what sort of news did you get?

  13. max

    Well as long as we are going in against the dragon I can grab your news too.

    There are two AJ’s. Girl AJ and guy AJ.

  14. max

    Oh we have not gone in yet, we go in at 4 my time, that is 10 her time so works out. I am not going in there alone. Susan is too mean.

  15. A six hour difference? Where the hell is she at?

  16. max

    Australia. Their clocks are frisky over there.

  17. max

    [Also, Australians put beets on cheeseburgers, which is pretty warped, but other than that Australians are okay.]

  18. Is she Australian?

    Have you been?

    I am dying to go!

  19. max

    She is Australian. I have never been there. I sometimes think I would like to go but I am pretty sure AJ would shove me over board and I fear sea creatures there.

  20. max

    Oh jeez. I just realized, daylight saving’s time, I think the time difference shifted. This throws everything off.

  21. aj

    I highly recommend you try beets on burgers, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on.

    Also, most burgers with beets have BBQ sauce, not ketchup. Fuck that up and you have fucked the whole experience.

  22. max

    Beets are a device of the devil.

  23. max

    ps : Stilletto, Susan says cancers are fat and had better work out but it is a good time to start your business

  24. Beets taste like dirt, some pregnant women crave dirt, they should just eat beets.

  25. Max, are you serious? I was just looking at my pics going, Sheesh, I think I look sorta fat!

    Very funny!

    BTW, beets on a burger might be as tasty as avocados and jack cheese.

  26. aj

    When you are on your deathbed Adams, lying there feeling unfulfilled, you will think to yourself “I should have taken Aj’s advice and just tried beets on burgers”.

    Some learn the hard way. Sigh.

  27. I think Susan says Max is on a Hot Tin Roof.

  28. max

    The only thing more scary than beets is beets with barbeque sauce. Ahhhh!

    Susan kept frisking between 2008 and 1762. I have whiplash we need to take her diet pills away.

    And you do not look fat, Stilletto. Valliant might be porking out though….

  29. Yeah, breakups tend to do that to you. Some smoke, some drink, and some sit on the couch and stuff their faces with pork rinds.

    Ok, I need a link to this tweaky Susan chick.

  30. max [listen do not go in there without bear spray though Susan is brutal]

  31. max

    Oh God. Susan got Stilletto.

  32. Oh my God, this is FANTASTIC! It was so positive! How could you hate Susan so much? I love her!

    I’m going to print this out downstairs. She eerily reflects all of my thoughts and concerns. She is so dead on!

    (Sadly, there was an obit beneath but otherwise, great news).

  33. For example, I was thining of taking up fencing in the Spring. Which is what she said to do. And then she reflects upon the misery of Saturn which is going to finally go away! And it won’t return in 29 years! Saturn has brought nothing BUT misery.

    There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

  34. max

    Well she likes Cancers. Leos, Caps, and Aquarius do not have it that good.

  35. Must have been the signs of guys she’s dated. She’s biased.

    So…any good news at all?


  36. max

    Yes. Venus loves me I will be drenched in charm and charisma all month [oh like that is news] and some job that I thought was a lost cause is supposed to re-materialize.

    If that happens I would almost forgive Susan but she likes to make stuff like that up just to torment me.

  37. Breathe deep and think positive, girl, think positive!

  38. max

    Oh innocent Stilletto. You do not know the evil that is Sussan.

  39. I guess not. She’s setting me up for the kill, ay?

  40. max

    Yes you are being lulled into a false sense of complacency.

  41. Story of my life. I’ll live.

  42. But she better not be lying about Saturn. Saturn better be leaving.

  43. max

    Saturn is slow, once it rolls out it will be something like thirty years before it comes back. That is a long party.

  44. I went to that stupid site and my computer locked up – no I’m not joking-

    Before it froze I saw something about my romantic life picking up ( boy will the hubby be glad to hear that )and I’m going to be coming into money ( I knew that quarter I found stuck to the marsmellow peep that escaped to the bottom of my bookbag meant something)

    geeze, I’m impressed.

  45. max

    Say, speaking of things cosmic, I am pretty sure it is a full moon tonight.

  46. Great excuse to get into some mayhem.

  47. max

    Yes it is.

    Hey speaking of mia, Jennifer, did you fall?

  48. max

    I think Zach’s surgery is coming up here and distracting her. Also, when you have a child, well, probably Easter takes on more significance. Though I am betting egg painting is taking on military crisis emphasis over at Missed Manners. That guy is for sure turning out eggs that belong in the Smithsonian.

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