life lesson 34,426


Life Lesson Ignored Today :

Life Lesson 34,426 : Never go to a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Max.

  2. That is a true horror show… As is driving anywhere over one mile on that day.

  3. Oh, Happy Thanksgiving Max!

  4. max

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  5. LOL! I ordered pizza last night rather than brave the grocery store crowds ;-) Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I’m into the Road Warrior Experience- so not only do I go shopping the day before I do it at my local grocery store which is half a mile away from an I-5 Freeway entrance, there’s a gas station across the street with a bunch of pumps full of cheap gas oh an we’re two mile away from a HUGE shopping Mall.

    Today is going to be sweet after yesterday.
    Happy Thanksgiving Max!

  7. That’s a big 10-4, good buddy.

  8. You should see the people camped out at 10PM Thanksgiving night at Best Buy.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Max.

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