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mail boxDear Blonde Assassin —

If the rumors are true, and the WGA strike is nearly over, then we should expect a return of pseudo-quality to the airwaves soon.

What three current shows would you put at the top of your assassination list?

[Personally, I’d axe a few reality shows and anything that gets compared to “Sex in the City.”]

And what would you replace them with?

Just curious,

Itchy McTriggerfinger



Dear Itcy McTriggerfinger :

As you know, I have to work in this town. Therefore I can only regard your question as a cheap cinematic trick meant to lure me into incriminating myself within the body of my peers and being ostracized — and unemployable — forever more.

Damn you Itchy McTriggerfinger!

I say damn you!

Love and Kisses,

The Blonde Assassin



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8 Responses to letters from the ethos : wednesday’s child

  1. californiablogging

    “anything compared to Sex in the City!” LOL

  2. Dan

    Damn Max…you saw through my clever ruse!

    Now I guess I need to break into show business the old-fashioned way: sleeping with a sleazy producer old enough to be my grandfather.


  3. max

    I am sorry Dan, people in Hollywood do not give birth before age thirty-five so even if you were twenty that would make your grandparents at least ninety and everyone knows anyone even trying for ninety got wiped out by the cocaine epidemic of 1980 so wow no luck for you on the geezer/granddad hunt.

  4. Dan

    Hmm…as a man in his early-thirties, how are my odds at finding a hot, bitter, wealthy divorcee?

  5. Dan

    Oooo…thanks. I’ll look into it!

  6. Looks like Leno’s people didn’t like you giving props to Letterman!

  7. max

    What? Leno’s people do not know I am alive I am a little fish in a big pond.

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