letters from the ethos : my gallant robocop


venus de mailDear Blonde Assassin —

It appears you have a couple of insalubrious jackasses who have become quite a nuisance to you. This is not acceptable to me.

I am writing to request your permission to dispose of them.

I believe you still have my number from last time should you wish to use my services.


RobocopbKit/418.9.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/419.3



Dear Robo :

Permission granted. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Love and Kisses,

The Blonde Assassin



Dear Blonde Assassin —

I’m being bad. I mean, I’m being real bad. I’m sitting in front of my computer reading your latest post and my left hand’s palm is full of M&Ms. Milk chocolate M&Ms. The real M&Ms. Sent directly from the States. Heading directly to my stomach. I’m so enjoying them.

The Greek



Say Robo :

Could you take care of The Greek too?

Love and Kisses,

The Blonde Assassin



You too can write the blonde assassin
Send email to :
blonde_assassin at celluloidblonde dot com



where the art work comes from :
that is venus de mail from boeke

14 Responses to letters from the ethos : my gallant robocop

  1. Insalubrious Jackasses
    There’s one for the Google Search Engine.

  2. Okay, you and the Greek are getting chocolates in the mail.
    Where’s mine?

  3. See Max I told you that you inspired people to eat chocolate.

  4. aj

    I would keep my eye on that Greek. She food taunts then claims her innocence through “language barriers”.

  5. max

    You know that Greek is dancing on a glass while she eats those M&M’s. Wicked wicked Greek.

  6. max

    [ps : is it just me or do I so need a new image for the letters that is not a brunette — at the time it seemed right but letters to blonde assassin headed with a black haired goth chick, hmm]

  7. The Greek

    Argh!!!! I was shot by a freakin robot…!!!

  8. I thought she was in disguise….

  9. max

    It is too late to pretend that was the idea all along and I was being smart and stuff, right?

  10. Wow, blowback.

    What will the Blonde Assassin do now that her cover been compromised?


  11. max

    That is a trick question to get me to reveal my new cover right?

  12. Wow.
    You ARE good.

    Your Fan
    The Dark Invader

  13. Is Robo trying to milk you for money? Catch me around a certain time of the month – I’ll do it for free. Hell I need practice if I’m going to make this dominatrix thing work.

  14. max

    Naw. Robo is totally gallant.

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