letters from the ethos : mayhem monday


mail boxDear Blonde Assassin —

Today my husband opened up our fridge and saw that I had stocked up on eggs….lots and lots of eggs.

And then he saw the toilet paper…lots and lots of toilet paper in the hall closet.

I said it was all on sale so I just stocked up.

I almost had him sold until he found my stash of silly string and my brand new Halloween mask [rotted corpse with the missing eye] under our bed.

I’ve been busted…what should I do?

The Worried Dark Invader



Dear Dark Invader :

Take off your clothes.

[No not for me — fresh! — for the husband it will distract him.]

Love and Kisses,

The Blonde Assassin



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where the art work comes from :
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7 Responses to letters from the ethos : mayhem monday

  1. Dear Blonde Assassin,
    This is going to be SUCH a fun Halloween.
    The Dark Invader.

  2. max

    I bet. [Just how many of those little kids to you plan to paste with those eggs?]

  3. I’m gonna do Insanity Proud…let’s put it that way :-)

  4. max

    Wow this is going to be one hell of a Halloween in Lynnwood.

  5. :-)
    It’s going to be a short trip

  6. I’m confused. Why would anyone on a bodybuilding diet need string and a mask?

  7. max

    She is doing dominatrix gigs on the side.

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