let's get this party started


Yeah yeah yeah I know. Celebrate the 4th o’ July with a UK film? But hey, this sounds pretty damn American to me and also will wake you up faster than coffee. Now let’s get this fucking party started.



*if you have not seen in bruges run do not walk to the nearest video outlet and rent it right now


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  1. max

    Me too. It is the best.

    Wow that is total spark there the way you pasted a clip into comments I did not know you could do that. I am still fighting with WordPress posts to get them to take a damn flash upload.

  2. Flash uploads? Not without the Videopress upgrade, but the workaround is to use a Vodpod account: upload it at and there’s a Post To feature that can embed virtually anything short of a live cow.

    And In Bruges and The Ref are my new favorite Christmas double feature.

  3. max

    OMG, that is the best Christmas double feature!

    Ironic you would mention a live cow, back when I was trying to figure that out I was trying to load Adventures of Max and Cow. [wink]

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