let's get all un pc


Let’s get UN PC. I see everywhere every day these statements about all bodies being beautiful: “ALL BODIES ARE EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL!”

[It is supposed to be feminist.]




You know that is crap right? That woman can’t even fucking walk.



The PC no matter what the hell is going on you do not get to say a word thing used to just be about women – “Oh my God why are you celebrating women who are beautiful or, even, you know, don’t need an electronic golf cart to maneuver a grocery store because they are too fat to walk?”



[Celebrating women being so grotesquely obese they can no longer walk is not, by the way, feminism.]



It is spilling over into men, too, now, with the recent “here’s a Calvin Klein ad, here’s what normal guys look like” meme. With the “normal guy” being pasty and having a gut and wearing underoos that don’t even fit yegads:





Okay, so fat and out of shape people are awesome to you and how dare I judge them, great, I get that, except —






You know the people shouting “Celebrate mediocrity in body!” are the same people yelling “Detest mediocrity in mind,” right?



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  1. I don’t agree that all bodies are equally beautiful but I rather think that seeing someone whose body looks like mine is helpful when picking out clothing from a catalog. When I’m buying something to fit my butt, I don’t want to know how it looks on a size 2 body. I want to know how it looks on a size 14.

    And, I think all those guys are cute. Not as cute as Jayne. But cute. They look brave and fun and comfortable with themselves.

    They’re advertising underwear for men who probably look worse than they do. So the men who are buying can get a real idea of the underwear.

    And now I shall go to bed so you will have to yell at the screen.

  2. Max

    Funny. I am not going to yell at you. I’m just tired of the hypocrisy in today’s PC narrative.

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