lessons learned the hard way


Never, ever, fall asleep with bleach in your hair.

Your I Will See You In Hats Adams Girl


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  1. The last time i wore blonde, the hairdresser forgot about me with the bleach in my hair. Fortunately it was only highlights.
    I lost about 1/4 my hair that day.
    And I swore to never be blonde again (or go back to that hairdresser).

  2. max

    Not returning to a hairdresser who singed a quarter of your hair off is a pretty good rule to live by.

  3. Oh no. Can it be fixed?

  4. max

    Yes. But I have to wait at least a week before I do anything else chemical so for now I have to live with it.

  5. debra hill

    the perils of peroxide . . . been there and probably will be again.

  6. I come back and find out you fell asleep with bleach in your hair? Oh Max.

  7. Ouch. I once turned my hair purple accidentally. After many phone calls to the Clairol helpdesk with their suggestions of color remover and other useless things to try, I ended up coloring over it. But sounds like you could be in for some scalp therapy. Try one of those seaweed packets they sell in the drugstore. Put the whole thing on your head, cover with a shower cap and leave on for about an hour. Rinse without shampooing. It won’t really fix your hair, but it might make your scalp feel better.

  8. max

    The scalp is actually fine. It was foils so the stuff does not go on my scalp just on partitions of hair starting a ways above the scalp. Good thing.

  9. Oh my. I hope you have some really cute hats :-)

  10. aj

    There go the rest of the brain cells.

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