less smoke, more bathing suit


cat and curtain



I have been informed the bathing suit shot I uploaded is an unacceptable bathing suit shot there is not enough bathing suit in it.


People are so strict.






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  1. It really is more headshot/party tableau then a swim suit photo. I’m continually impressed with how perfectly coifed your hair is in that shot, considering you are in a hot tub. That my friend…is the sign of eventful tub revelry.

  2. max

    Ooh la la. Impressed is good.

  3. I had no idea that was you. LOL. I’ve only seen you with short hair.

  4. Mysterious Max, leaves me wanting more…

  5. There is a little bit of bathing suit in it.

  6. no such thing as not enough bathing suit.

    in fact the less bathing suit the better.

    but yeah, if the camera doesn’t dip below shoulder level it’s not a bathing suit shot.

  7. I have to agree with that. More please!

  8. max

    My hair is short, Kitty, it is just pulled off my face in combs a lot.

    Woeful, you are so gallant.

    Brahn, you have such an eye for irony.

    Stil, there are no more. Of course the downstairs neighbor boy has a fancy camera. I could always knock.

  9. Is he right below you? Who is this mysterious guy and why have we not heard more about him? You’ve been holding back!

  10. max

    Well not right below me. But on a lower floor. I have talked about cute neighbor guy before. I know he is in the Super Hero Mark and Weekend Dog posts for sure. They are older posts though and from before I moved the blog to WordPress.

  11. Oh yeah, the guy who hangs your pictures. I was wondering if he still lived there.

  12. max

    Yes. This is cute neighbor guy who is taking time off so I have to worry about what I look like when I go get mail now. I know I have talked about him you guys are just not on task on cute neighbor guys sheesh.

  13. aj

    He hung your wall boards yet?

    [No that is not some perverted code you freaks]

  14. max

    No, I have this bottle of Carmex I cannot open though I have to ask for help with I guess I could pin down a date then.

    It is safe to hang the wall board finally they came up with my overdue lease papers and then knocked five hundred bucks off rent to lure me into signing them. This happened right after I made a scene about violent neighbor guy I guess they figured they better cough up papers and lure me into putting my name on paper saying I was really staying.

  15. I only have one bathing suit shot, and it was taken when I was 16. I have been known to neglect to mention that. By accident, of course…

    My, it’s getting very hazy in here..

  16. Glad to hear you are staying on. Good to hear also that the guy with the tool belt is still around to make that lease appealing.

  17. max

    Well I do not like asking for help too much but AJ is shaming me over the wall board still not being up. Oh the chagrin.

  18. aj

    Shaming you? I am beyond shaming you, I am now downright slandering you.

    It has been three plus months, some wars have taken less time.

  19. Is his tool belt big, Max?

    I mean, is he handy with his hands?

    I mean, is he up to task of grabbing your wall boards?

    I mean, oh never mind!

  20. Once again – the more commentary I read the more I forget what i wanted to say! I wanted to see the photo! This is soooo unfair… :)

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