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phone wires, j pallasI just got —

Off the phone with Tier Two at T-Mobile.

Do not even think I did not think about starting that out with “I just got off” either I totally did I just cannot resort to cheap beaver tricks like, um, someone to remain unnamed — RAIN!

Also I know that is a double negative no more email on grammar my grandmother WAS AN ENGLISH TEACHER WITH THREE DEGREES just quit it.

Okay. Where were we? Oh. Right. On the phone with T-Mobile.

There are phone issues and they cannot tell whether it is the phone, the sim card, or the network. The person I talked to is named Amber. Amber is really nice.

[Give her a raise T-Mobile.]

I think they are pretty much trained to just tell you, when things go way out of whack? It is time for a new phone.

Computer guys are trained like that too. If it takes two hours fighting with old technology, buy new technology. It only costs a quarter of what the technology you have now cost you when you got it.

According to Amber, what I have to do now is trot my little ass phone down to a T-Mobile serious support store and give them my sim card to test out.

Amber and I talk about options if the phone has gone bad and she tells me I am eligible for a really painless upgrade.

She calls my phone a “legacy phone.”

I got this phone in 2005. It is only two years old.

But. It is a “legacy phone.”

[I would probably still be on a Nokia with only three digits in the name if it had not died an unfortunate untimely and undignified death I will not repeat here.]

I have a student setting a script specifically in 2004. I say, Listen there better be a real good reason for setting this specifically in 2004. Like, politics. Obvious, plot related politics. Because of —

The Phones.

You place a picture definitely and indelibly three years in the past? Getting the phones is going to be trouble. Hell, getting any of the technology is going to be trouble. And. Add to that three years to make the motion picture?

Where the hell are they going to get props?

This new phone will probably be a new phone for about three months. Before it also becomes —

[dunt dunt dunt dun!]



*oh my god, browsing phones i discovered my phone can take videos — who knew this phone could make movies and also how wrong is it to not know your phone can do that?


where the art work comes from :
that is by jim pallas [i hope i got the right j pallas there]

16 Responses to legacy phone

  1. If it’s a legacy, I think it can get into Harvard with D’s.

  2. max

    Hell if it was a legacy kid we could get it elected president.

  3. bletebzz

    are you kidding me? i changed my phone two months ago (free) and it is discontinued already. sweet name though “legacy phones”. at this rate we will pretty soon have “legacy heifers” “day legacy bread” “legacy-fashioned” “legacy-geezer” and so forth. hmm, where do they find these terms?

  4. I work in PR and we have all kinds of legacy products in the medical device industry. How would you like to have a “legacy” pacemaker? Yeah, that’s gonna help you sleep at night *cough*.

  5. sulya

    I think “legacy” and I think of something passed down lovingly from one generation to the next. Or hatefully, I suppose. Strangely, I don’t think of it as something left behind and obsolete…

  6. sulya

    I think “legacy” and I think of something passed down lovingly from one generation to the next. Or hatefully, I suppose. Strangely, I don’t think of it as something left behind and obsolete… But I guess that’s the malleability of language for ya’…

    Curious about the unspeakable end your other phone met… Hmmmm…

  7. californiablogging

    Verizon was the best around LA. I have AT&T now and it’s not good. The phone they gave me was crap. Zach did get a free blackberry in the rush on Iphones, in my family. The nanny has Tmobile and she is mostly texting but it seems ok when I call her. A good cell phone is essential these days.

  8. I have Virgin only because their help is so hilarious. When you change your message, some stoned California surfer guy says, “Whoa! Cool message, dude!”

  9. max

    T-Mobile is working for me. I cannot do AT&T/Cingular, that is so Bush territory so on the boycott list for me.

    Sulya I am so not telling.

  10. californiablogging

    LOL it is BUsh territory! I am sending you an email.

  11. californiablogging

    Did you get the Greatest Asses of 2007 email?

  12. max

    There was an email but there was nothing attached to it.

  13. max

    [sorry i did not write back things have been a little crazed with the apartment hunt]

  14. californiablogging

    Oh good luck looking for a place. Looking sucks and moving sucks even more… I hope you hone in on some place perfect for you.

  15. max

    Thanks. I am a little stressed.

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