leda talks back


ledaYou are a Theist.

Why did you take this quiz specifically for Atheists?

[Um, because Jen posted it?]

Are you illiterate as well as deluded?

[No I just like Jen you hosoid.]

Go sing at a brick wall or give your money to a corrupt pedophile or something.

[Say, didn’t I go to high school with you?]


:::what kind of atheist are you:::


where the art work comes from :
well it is sort of corrupted but that is a black and white
negative of leda and the swan by sergey marshennikov

12 Responses to leda talks back

  1. Spiritual Athiest here. And one who is pleased to avoid Agnostic. I was really worried I’d end up as Agnostic. One ought to decide, I always feel.

  2. max

    That is an interesting distinction. Spiritual yet no belief in a God of any kind. I do not know how that works.

  3. You scored as a Scientific Atheist
    These guys rule.They know the rules of debate, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and can explain evolution in fifty words or less.

    More concerned with how things ARE than how they should be, these are the people who will bring us into the future.

    And I thought that being a Science and History Geek was a waste of time.


  4. Actually what I am is a Lapsed Anglican. There’s never a catagory for these things for people who believe in religion but are ambivalent about God. Or god for that matter.

    I suppose a Spiritual Athiest is as close as it gets, but I prefer the organised aspect of Organised Religion to the mystical.

    Anyway, according to the test a Spritual Athiest is someone who tries to make world a better place without worrying about the hereafter.

    I’d snigger, but it also says that some of the coolest people are Spritual Athiests, so…

    Go on then, Anita Marie. I want the theory of evolution in fifty words or less.

  5. Kym

    I would never tell you to give your money to a corrupt pedophile. You can give it to me though.

    Since I am a Spiritual Athiest, I think I’ll start my own religion. I’ll call it Worshiping Jayne.

  6. max

    Ooh la la.

    Say I have been keeping up with News of the Verse that is one frisky fan base.

  7. Eddie

    Agnostic. I knew that. Sometimes I’m jealous of religious folks and the peace a true believer should have, other times they really, really scare me. Not that sitting on the fence doesn’t get uncomfortable from time to time as well.

  8. max

    “Sometimes I’m jealous of religious folks and the peace a true believer should have”

    I think the key words there are “should have.”

    Maim and murder for Jesus seems to be pretty big with people shouting they are “true believers” these days which just does not seem peaceful to me.

  9. Plus Jesus was big on that helping other people thing- you know because we’re all brothers / sisters- that sort of gets ignored.

    I think there’s some selective hearing going on…and LOTS of it.

  10. max

    The funny thing about Jesus is he never wrote a word. Not one. Everything he allegedly said and did is handed down secondhand by his students.

    Socrates is like that too. Not a single word on paper. Just his students’ say so.

    Funny two of the biggest influences on society today never wrote a single word. No one will ever know what they really said. Only what other people thought they heard.

  11. Kym

    Apparently, illiteracy is a prerequisite to being a great leader… Maybe I should rethink my view of George Bush.

  12. max

    Come away from the dark side.

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