law and man


einstein_bicycleIf there is —

Proof positive on Planet Earth “laws” are arbitrary and man made just to push other people around, looking at a God damn law that doesn’t allow women to ride bicycles is it. Seriously? Women can’t ride bicycles? What’s that going to do, break a hymen? What about married women? Can they ride bicycles?

I am not going to tell you where that law is either. If I did, you would just sit back and chortle about how superior you are to the poor bastards who made a law that said it was illegal for women to ride bicycles.

Let’s play another game instead. Let’s take a look at what your overseers are saying it is illegal for you or women to do, hmm?

I bet someone someplace else is chortling pretty hard over that.


Love and Kisses,


Your I Really Hate the Word Chortle Adams Girl


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