laundry frenzy!


That is the new washer/dryer. There was some cord frenzy going in and that is all settled and those are all hooked up and totally working and —

I am washing everything!

Laundry frenzy!




When I first got to Austin, the laundry room turned into a storage room for comedic error reasons. Right after the top shelf dumped a printer and sewing machine on my head though, I got email from building management: Storage rooms available!

Still wearing bruises from an errant sewing machine I trotted over. Sold!



I had to move everything out of the laundry room into the storage room. That included five years of boxes of business records, the evil sewing machine and printer, and some other ne’er do well items.

It took a month bracing for the attempt, a six pack of beer, and one all nighter trudging up and down hallways pushing boxes balanced on top of the second office chair seat and casters. But I got it done.



A long time ago in a state far far away, I was a teenager working in a bar with another girl and she was REALLY excited about getting a washer and dryer.

I thought, What planet is she from? Who could get this excited about a washer/dryer? How many shoes would that buy?



I have enough shoes.

Okay I am lying about the shoes there will be more shoes. But —

The washer and dryer are so feng shui.



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