late nights at the arclight


swanI light a cigarette backwards.

This is when I know maybe the two cadillac margaritas I have had are enough to drink. I disregard this and order another. My friend does not. She has to drive. I do not. I can be reckless.

Our waiter does not approve. He hated us when we arrived. Decided he liked us, maybe adored us, after our first convo. Now is disapproving since he has to add a third drink to my tab. Uh oh.

Not too reckless — I do not order four. But reckless enough to order three.

We are talking about things metaphysical. Things people think make you weird. [They do.] Things she and I think make us human. [They do.] And awake. [They do that too.]

I really like this friend.

I drink my third drink.

Then we go home.

We even leave a nice tip for the judgmental waiter.


where the art work comes from :
that is from crystal

0 Responses to late nights at the arclight

  1. Cadillac margaritas, o la la.

  2. Karma will catch up with the waiter later.

  3. You have to wonder what’s happening in a person’s head when watching other people puts them into a bad place.

    I’m glad you left a tip.

  4. That backwards cigarette sure is a giveaway…:)I had the same experience in Malaysia once with a drink called The Hurricane. When I ordered my second, the waiter said incredulously, “You want another one?!” I didn’t know what he meant until I stood up…briefly.

  5. shoulda knocked the coke out of the waiter’s hand, max

    that’s what i do late nights at the arclight

  6. max

    Oh you just say that because you know knocking cokes out of people’s hands makes me hot.

  7. What’s the waiter’s problem? Do tell.

  8. max

    Well I do not know him personally I could only guess.

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