last minute class opening


legs_iiThis class was full but —

There is a last minute seat opening in The November 7 class [which starts tomorrow] :

Beating the Second Act Slump : 6 Week Workshop begins Saturday November 7th. This is an online 6 week advanced course on screenplay structure taught by yours truly Max Adams. Subjects include breaking the first 30 pages into two acts; Understanding set up; The 15 page escalation; Achieving story climax; Correcting the second act Field model; And more importantly — Beating the Second Act Slump.


Course fee is $240. Course length is 6 weeks. Seating is limited. For course sign up email : courses @

You must type out the above email address without the spaces —

We are trying to outwit spam bandits.


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0 Responses to last minute class opening

  1. If someone does not know how to type out an email address without the spaces then clearly they are not advanced enough to be in your class.

  2. max

    This is true, I try to be a little more subtle than that though. LOLZ

  3. max

    [For people unfamiliar with the equation, in general, Stil is so polite I am kicking her under the table and in general I am so abrupt Stil is kicking me under the table so it is funny as hell Stil is saying something so up front and I am saying, Yeah but I can’t say something that abrupt.]

  4. Let’s put it this way –
    You being subtle is an oxymoron.

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