hard men


cat walkingI am drawn to men.

Hard men. Dangerous men.
Men who keep me safe against the world.
I never ask,
Who will keep me safe against them?



where the art work comes from :
that is black cat by gus sacks

51 Responses to hard men

  1. Is that the cat that knocks things off shelves?

  2. It works much better if you fall on hard men.

    I’m just sayin.

  3. max

    Ms. Pants you are so smart.

    Valliant, of course. Among other things. That cat has my eyes.

  4. Hmm I know what you mean (only mine is with ladies :-) ). I like independent and intelligent women, but they should still look to me for comfort! They need to be smart, but not smarter than me…typical male

  5. Smart is Sexy.

    That’s all I’ve got to say-

    and I hope your cat shows up and smothers me to death if I ever, ever play dumb to make someone else feel better about themselves.

    That’s called Typical Anita


  6. max

    Smart is very sexy. Sigh.

    I would say there is only one cat at the castle and its name is Max except I think there is an unfortunate and indelicate metaphor tangled in there somewhere.

  7. I agree with Ms. Pants. Don’t cause yourself more turmoil doting on this one. Just fall and fall hard lol

  8. Fall, fall hard, get back up, repeat as necessary.

    In all seriousness though, when a friend of mine noticed me falling into one of these patterns back when I was [a lot] younger, she gave me a print out of this. Of course, I ignored it for far longer than I ever should have, but it’s now something that I go back to repeatedly. Chapter Three, babe. Find another street.

  9. max

    That is brilliant.

  10. I’ve had it up somewhere in my house since I was about 22. (Which was a good *cough*fouryears*cough* after the initial “Here ya go.”)

  11. max

    I should write “find another street” on the palm of my hand. Then I will see it everytime I have to smack myself.

  12. aj

    You had me at the title.

  13. I think this cat can handle a conudrum, I mean a cat can’t have what a cat dosean’t want. Cats can’t consider consequences. Can cats?

  14. I agree with aj – love that title!

  15. What is it that Mae West said?

    A hard man is good to find lol

  16. If you’re gonna fall on someone, wouldn’t it be better to fall on a soft, fat guy?

  17. nothing new.

    *waves to plato*

  18. max

    That depends on what you plan on doing to him after you fall.

  19. First, you have to prove you can unhook his manssiere (or “Bro” if you prefer) with one hand.

  20. max

    I do not know what a manssiere [or “bro”] is. Should I be afraid?

  21. Seinfeld. Kramer’s invention to help overweight men deal with “support issues.” His target market is Mr. Costanza.

  22. max

    A man bra? Yipes.

  23. max

    [way to shatter the mood, Firm, jeez]

  24. It’s part of my charm. ;)

  25. I just looked on the net and there really are man bras.

  26. It wouldn’t prevent Firm from showing any restraint though.

  27. You sound surprised.

    On the plus side, you can use them as a dual-cup popcorn holder.

  28. Oh, excuse me. It wouldn’t keep Firm restrained. Mt bad.

  29. Yes, I forever marvel at technology now matter how sordid or whacky.

  30. max

    Enough with the man bras. I want hard. Chiseled. Man. Talk.

  31. You can feel the pulse of his heart as it pumps blood through his body. That beat seems to mimic another pounding you feel, which in turn causes your heart to beat more powerfully, almost in rhythm with his.

    The wall. The hardness of his entire body. His presence in front of you. The sense of impending release. All combine to create a sense of urgency… a sense of time no longer existing… a sense of…

  32. max

    Wow. Firm. Talk about ask and receive.

  33. “Mongo just simple pawn in game of life.”

  34. max

    Oh Firm, you were all dashing and seductive. Do not crash now.

  35. Firm, what a spectacular way to begin my morning. It’s been a long time since I touched a Harlequin romance.

  36. Ahh… but if I kept being dashing and seductive, I would lose my rep as an enigma.

    Besides, I appear in the credits as “Quirky Comic Relief.” AJ already has the “Dashing and Seductive Leading Man” role locked up.

  37. …a sense of controlled desperation.

    Somehow, the intensity of everything seems magnified. You notice subtle sounds of his presence. You hear his breathing, but you feel it as well.

    His breath bears witness to his rapid approach to the edge of that mystical abyss… the one that both of you are destined to fall into… fall that never crashes, and seems to last forever. Reflexively, your breath gives witness to the approach of the fall too, and feeling this, his movements take on a renewed vigor.

    Movement, perspiration, desire, scents, and sounds, combine in a way that seems to fling your body through space in some transcendental fashion. This is beyond “tantric,” “mind-blowing,” or any of those other tired adjectives that spring from the pages of romance novels. This emotion carries you off to a wordless place… a timeless place… a place where…

  38. “Besides, I appear in the credits as “Quirky Comic Relief.” AJ already has the “Dashing and Seductive Leading Man” role locked up.”

    Don’t sell your self short Firm. I’m sure you could pull off the Hugh Grant style “congenially suave” style charmer role.

  39. max

    This is male bonding right?

  40. Technically, no. This is the classic “wingman ploy.” However, now that we’ve shared the alpha male secrets, we will have to kill you.

  41. max

    Wow that is harsh.

    Could you wait till July? If I am about to die, I have definite plans for June.

  42. Hmmm… in theory, it can wait. However, I’ve got a pedicure and scalp buffing scheduled for late July, so it’ll have to be before then.

  43. max

    I am sorry Firm. I can not die at the hands of a man who participates in scalp buffing. I will have to kill you first. Valliant might avenge you though.

  44. If he’s going to avenge me, he must provide his own mask. Otherwise, I’ll contact the bank and see if I can be avenged by that other masked man in the credit department. The Loan Arranger.

    (You prefer an unbuffed scalp? Eeeeek!)

  45. What if I get a scalp massage, but do so in the buff?

  46. max

    Firm, where I come from, girls buffed their nails, boys buffed their cars, and janitors buffed the gym floor. But no one buffed their scalp.

    Is this a delicate way of saying you are bald and somehow in need of scalp exfolliant?

  47. There is nothing delicate about me.

    The only time I’m bald is when I get weird and shave it. I can’t grow chest hair, but male pattern baldness has (so far) skipped my generation. The scalp buffing was what my fingers typed in a moment of panic. Forgive me.

  48. max

    Firm, Valliant is never going to convince a girl around here to take you home if you project an image of a guy in a man bra who digs pregnant chicks and has cradle cap. Work on that Love.

  49. You underestimate the Power of the Wingman.

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