kitty wake up call


This is brilliant. Anita found it :




who authored that sassy cat cartoon :
that is cat man do by simon tofield

9 Responses to kitty wake up call

  1. Welcome to my universe.

  2. max

    I love this. Someone is a genius for making it and you are a genius for finding it.

  3. Lucia

    Cute. Birds singing in the morning, sleeping with a squirrel and a kitty wake up all seems sweet. At least no machinery sound 24/7. Good for you. Hope the strike thing works out soon.

  4. max

    Hey, Lucia. Nice to see you. I have been looking for that card but it may have gotten ditched in the move. I will keep looking.

  5. How cute! Boy, if Pumpkin could do that I’d sell her to the circus!

  6. max

    You would not sell Pumpkin to the circus. Jeez.

  7. Ok, you’re right. But I’d put videos on Youtube.

    Now – if only I can steady the camera long enough to get a shot of her on her hind legs begging for Peruvian chicken. Nobody believes me.

  8. BTW, Pumpkin nags me around four a.m. An ungodly hour. I’m hiding all the baseball bats.

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