kitty cracks me up


Kitty cracks me up. Look what she did.

[Someone sent me the spoof with his dog which was pretty funny but it is more funny when your name is staring back at you.]


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  1. aj

    That is hilarious! I would vote for you but I believe your stance on imported toast spreads is a little ridiculous. Also, allocating 13% of the national budget to cheesecake has got me a little worried.

  2. max

    Hey I am pro tim tams. That has got to count for something.

  3. carlmmiller

    I’m voting for Max!

  4. max

    It is a landslide yay!

  5. wow, I missed this post.

    I was wondering if you opened that email but forgot the followup.

    Yay! Max for prez!

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