killing hemmingway


big black bootsOnce when I was —

Violent and young [and guess which one of those has changed and you had better say violent] a writing professor told me I could never be Faulkner.

This was a blow. I seriously wanted to be Faulkner. But his logic was impeccable: There was already a Faulkner.

I wanted to leap over the table and kill the guy, but you can’t fight logic.

Then he told me if I’d put periods where they belonged instead of trying to be Faulkner, I wrote more like Hemingway anyway.

[I can’t say what happened then things posted on websites can be used in a court of law.]



where the art work comes from :
that is hotel paradiso 2 by britcat100


3 Responses to killing hemmingway

  1. So this explains why you don’t put periods where they belong.

    I have to say, I can’t blame you, with that fate hanging over your head!

  2. Hemingway’s “six word story” inspired my recent blog. Nothing wrong with following in his terse footsteps. “Violent and young”? Does that mean you are now “peaceful and old”? ;P

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