kill me now

Someone beat gar’s high score in tetrizz.


This is so wrong.


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  1. Sawdustwilly?

    Come on, you’ve got to love the name.

    Sounds like an axe murderer or cowboy…

  2. Max , likes to be on top.

  3. max

    In tetrizz I do. The days when klh, eponymous and I ruled the tetrizz board are over I guess. First gar and now some cowboy. Jeez.

  4. ” In tetrizz I do” ( I am dying of laughter) What can we infer from this?

  5. max

    I am competitive at tetrizz. Or was. Jeez. All things in life are not a competition though.

  6. aj

    With a name like SawDustWilly, he was always goin straight to number one.

  7. max

    Damn him. I do not just hate the man. I hate the horse he rode in on too.

  8. I hate that horse, too.

  9. Hey, I was looking for you on the leaderboard. Are you hiding, ms max?

    Sawdustwilly was there yesterday. I couldn’t forget a name like that…

    I think I may never be up there. [sob]

  10. max

    I am cujo on the tetrizz board. Which may indicate why I am all distraught over the sudden strike of gar and sawdustwilly.

  11. Ahhh. Well, look at you all over the top 15!

    My high score, after about 10-15 attempts, is 620.

    I am suitably embarrassed.

  12. max

    “I am suitably embarassed.”

    Funny girl. You have not played before.

    My big competition used to be klh and epy and it was real hard to beat them. Now two new kids show up and wham, I am number three. Those are impossible scores too. Odds are I will never top them. Damn. It.

  13. I think I’ve been playing the trial version…. which just times out on you whether you’re out or not…. and I haven’t been close to being out.

    Eh, call me slow.

    Or too lazy to register.

    Those scores aren’t THAT much ahead of yours… Only, what…600,000 or so? C’mon. You can so do that. Sic ’em Cujo!

  14. max

    When you make 600,000, we will talk about that additional 600,000 I need to beat one of those guys. [wink]

  15. I only just realised that you could keep going after the first video clip cut you off……..

    I plead extreme hormonal fogginess.


    RSI here I come!

  16. max

    I do not think you have a future in tetrizz Vanessa. Have you thought about ice sculpture?

  17. Well, I got to 11 thousand and something before my hormones got the better of me. I am completely at their mercy. I can not function. Pity me.

    I appreciate the suggestion, but I suspect ice sculpture could be a little unsatisfying living on the edge of a desert.

    [resumes digging hole in cranium with spoon]

  18. max

    11,000 is really good for a beginner Vanessa. You will be kicking gar and willy and me to the curb.

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