airplaneLast night —

The phone rang. It was Stil.

Stil had had some wine so being a good friend I poured a glass of wine too so she would not be drinking alone and we chatted each other up and Stil asked what I was doing for New Year’s Eve and I said no idea and we had more wine and chatted more and somehow by the end of the conversation there was a plane ticket reserved in my name headed for parts D.C. for New Year’s Eve.


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  1. New Year’s Eve in DC, that is such great news.

  2. max

    I think it is funny we were most excited about me meeting Pumpkin. Clothes? Shoes? Where we would go or what we would do? Naw, it was all about Pumpkin.

  3. Her cat? Aww.
    How long will you be gone?

  4. max

    Yes. Pumpkin the famous and beloved Scottish Fold kitteh. Who Stil put on the phone last night. [Should I be worried I talk to cats on the phone?] I am going for a week. It is an adventure.

  5. An adventure and a well deserved break.

  6. max

    I am unconvinced anything is actually “deserved.” That all goes into an earn and deserve thing that I have sort of lost faith in, especially in the arts. But I will take the concept of gifts and grace of God. I have always been big on the grace of God concept.

  7. Kym

    That sounds like so much fun. I suppose the Smithsonian isn’t in your plans? Not exactly wild time stuff but I’ve always wanted to go.

  8. Friends don’t let friends drink and make plane reservations.


  9. forkboy says it all, but it sounds like a blast and I am glad you are being kidnapped :-)

  10. max

    Fork you crack me up.

  11. Max was so funny. She said, “I want a seat in the exit row.” I wasn’t sure if it’s because she wanted to be right there to bail in case of an emergency, or if it’s because the emergency exit offers more leg room.

    BTW, I got hammered. But I do remember most of the conversation.

    Kitty, I would rather take Max to the Holocaust Museum. I am not nuts about the Smithsonian.

  12. max

    I always sit by the emergency exit. And yeah, it is so I can bail. They do not make an emergency exit door too heavy for me to lift when I am motivated.

  13. Sorry to break the news but once that plane goes down you’re all toast.

  14. Have a great time you two!

  15. Thanks, Anita!

    By any chance, Max, do you rollerblade? I have an extra pair right here in the living room.

  16. max

    I haven’t in a while but sure I grew up skating. Are you planning an itinerary here? Is it really athletic? Should I bring my knee brace?

  17. That’s great Max. A vacation in DC! Funny, I just posted about my weekend there.

    I have 2 words – Peking Duck.

    Oh, and if you are not too busy… call me.

  18. [I am about a 2 hour drive away from there..]

  19. max

    Okay I do not eat duck. I had pet ducks as a kid. I could never eat them. But I will call while I am out.

  20. Peking Duck! I haven’t been there since 1995! But yum!

    I will save these skates for you. Also there is ice skating across the street! (Where cute hockey players practice).

    You and Michele should definitely get together.

  21. max

    Well I grew up skating on pavement [not a lot of ice in California] so do not expect Oksana here but ice skating was fun the couple times I did it and cute hockey players means I am so there yay!

    Michele if you do not mind the drive it would rock to see you.

  22. I’d love to see you. What’s 2 hours between friends?

    [Actually I may enlist the husband to do the driving]

  23. max

    Oh cool. I can meet the man brave enough to stand in the Clay bus line too.

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