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kate mossApril 1, 2009 —

I open this post doing a site search for important [ahem important to me] past posts and gah! The quiz is all gnarled up and the imagery is gone. [Damn quiz people.] So I have to fix it.

Really there is no good way to fix it, but I can at least put in a good Kate Moss photo and some of the original text. Whew!

The original post looked something like —


You will like this one, Stilletto : Who Is Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

Your Celebrity Boob Twin is —

Kate Moss

Wow they were way kinder to me than I expected. I like Kate Moss.


where i snagged this quiz :
michele’s place

80 Responses to kate moss days

  1. max

    Oh take it. It is funny.

    [I cannot believe you are awake. I cannot believe I am awake.]

  2. Of course I took I am just not admitting who it said …… and you can’t make me.

  3. What are you doing awake?

  4. Not checking your mail…….lol

  5. max

    Oops. I have mail?

    [Okay you have to tell.]

  6. max

    There is “there are posts” mail and something from St. Bertie at the Canadian Pharmacy, which I do not think is you. If you sent real mail, it might have gotten cleansed by accident.

  7. I wonder if I said anything of any importance?

  8. max

    Damn it, Jennifer, you know that was the answer to world hunger and the cure for cancer, now find that email and resend it right now.

    Jeesh. Kids.

  9. Does the word contact mean anything to you?

  10. How about OH I get it Stiletto is funny as hell?

  11. OK the contact thing that’s a Yahoo issue……

  12. max

    Yes I will go look.

  13. Hello? It gets really cold here right before the sun comes up. I am sorry I must go seek warmth. I could have done something wrong again. I did try to resend though.

  14. Damn, I never found out why you are up?

  15. max

    I got it. I could not sleep so I did other things. Go get warm. I am going to fall over here sometime hopefully soon.

  16. Charlize Theron – that’s my boob twin- which is funny because she’s a tall white girl and I’m an average height asian/white girl.

    I’ll bet she’d puke what’s left of her guts out if she found out I was her dark evil troll twin.

    Wow…an evil troll … I’m cooler then I thought!

  17. max

    Damn, Anita. Just when I am feeling sassy I got Kate Moss instead of Callista Flockhart, you go and get Charlize Theron.

  18. Don’t feel too bad. I got Anna Nichole Smith.

  19. So they didn’t have my size. I have to settle for Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson. I object to both, as mine are REAL, dammit!

  20. max

    Sheesh, Firm. Stilletto was supposed to find Anna.

    Ms. Pants, I do not think those girls are Texans either they are just cheap imitations of you.

  21. Does that mean I have to return the boobs?

  22. max

    Oh it is too late they will not be a surprise now.

  23. Damn. At least I’ve still got the high heels to fall back on.

  24. Kate Moss, huh? This means you are a 34B? lol

    Here are some other things I learned. One, I’m nowhere close to being as huge as the dearly departed Anna Nicole Smith. I’m Jessica Simpson according to this clearly designed by some pervy boy quiz with too much time on his hands.

    And then — my name has come up more than once on a boob thread. Hmm. Must think that one over coffee at this godawful hour of eleven a.m.

    And last — Anita Marie is half Asian. I totally forgot about that. A shout out to my fellow half breed! (Don’t mind me, I think there is still vodka in my system).

    BTW, Firm – you cannot return boobs and get your money back. You can sue though.

    Oh, and thanks for the quiz, Max. I have one for you, too.

  25. max

    You are posting without logging in again that is for sure vodka at play.

    They are saying Kate is an A. I do not know if that is being kind to me or cruel to Kate.

    A quiz for me? [How much vodka was involved in this quiz?]

  26. Wrongful enhancement? I wonder how much I could get back.

    I had to put the money up front.

  27. max

    Oh that is it I am so calling the pun police. I tried not to Firm but society must be protected.

  28. max

    Um, Firm? As a favor to me, don’t go there.

  29. HEY back at you Stiletto- Half-Breeds are SO awesome ;-)

    Max- I’m going to spend all the day trying to get a mental / visual lock on the Pun Police. You’ve brought them up a few times and now I’m sooooo curious


  30. Anita, I hope you hold your liquor better than I can. My whiteness has betrayed me.

    Max, I was being nice, too. I think Kate is an A cup lol. Someone was trying to be zaftig…..

  31. Hold my liquor?
    Ha, I can get a buzz from the fumes coming out of a wine cooler -sad, sad, sad.

  32. max

    Funny Stilletto. You do not have to be nice. If I wanted to be anything else I could ask twenty-five valkyries on this block where they got their cleavage.

  33. max

    Wait, Stilletto, you changed your avatar.

  34. Haha, funny Max. I bet that is SO true!

    And yes, I did, and it’s really me this time!

  35. BTW, what are you people doing up?

  36. Carefully avoiding the pun police. :D

  37. max

    Firm, that is funny. Thanks.

    The avatar is spiffy, Stilletto.

  38. It’ll probably change several times today.

    I’m going to go watch Traffic. Michael Douglas’ daughter is about to cross the dark side.

  39. Okay, Interesting thread. Here’s my $.02

    As far as I’m concerned, there are two things I look for concerning women’s breast. The first being that they have nipples. The second being that I have access to them. Really, what more could a guy want?

  40. max

    Oh no. Another topic is about to go disastrously awry.

    I am just going to bang my head on a desk now.

  41. I was actually being serious in that last comment. There’s too much emphasis on size and shape as far as breasts go.

    When you boil it all down, the two thing I mentioned are what most guys want. Anything else is more of a personal preference.

  42. Well, Max, come on now. This post was sort of begging for it lol

  43. Would that be boiled like eggs, Tommy?

  44. max

    Um. Women know that, Tommy. The tower just did not prepare me for directions some of this stuff goes in. It was a funny post that I thought would throw Anna Nicole at Stilletto and then whammo, the earth shifts, the sea rises, and I am in over my head again.


  45. For Max’s benefit, I’ll leave this one alone. However, if you want to IM me Stiletto, I’ll send my screen name to the E-mail address you use for your comments. That way, everyone wins.

    Like I said before, it’s Max’s blog, her rules.

  46. max

    Well. Technically it is a very feminist statement. Though probably I would get beat dead by a lot of feminists for saying a guy saying “hell I do not care as long as there are nipples and they are happy to see me” is a feminist statement. It is a funny presentation and it is a funny topic for it to come up in. But it directly supports an often made feminist statement society places too much emphasis on a feminine body structure that is essentially a man on estrogen.

    So I am sitting there looking at that thinking what a funny/odd situation. And also seeing how ghastly wrong it could go if a whole bunch of guys just start showing up and saying, “Oh hell yeah show me the nipples.”

    I think I will beat my head on the desk some more. Perhaps a brilliant thought will come to me.

  47. I can appreciate your concern Max. It’s not as if guys blurting out, “show me your nipples” hasn’t happened before.

    The topic of breasts in our society is often controversial and sometimes exploited by both sides of the fence. It’s one of those topics that can been seen in so many different ways for so many different reasons. You might as well be arguing every viewpoint in the, “what is the meaning of life” discussion. It’s probably easier to deal with.

    The point I was trying to make is that, for all of the discussion, for all of the controversy, for all of the power that men and women place on the female bust line, most guys are just happy with nipples and access.

  48. max

    One day I will have to post about the attack of the six foot model women. There was a cattle call in my building one day. It was.. let’s just say I felt really short that day. [smile]

  49. At the risk of getting overly serious (rarely a concern with me), being 6 ft tall may make for SI Cover proportions through a camera lens, but I think you’ll find most guys would prefer a woman to be their height or less. Since the average American male is still less than 5’10”, I think the 6 ft model will remain an icon of film and print, but not male fantasy.

    Even at 6’2″, I’ve found women taller than 5’7″ or so to seem… a little closer to “man size” than I would prefer. The moral? Don’t lose sleep over your height. Guys that aren’t concerned about what’s between your ears probably aren’t worth your time anyway.

    Now back to being juvenile…

  50. P.S. Next time you see the 6 ft women gathering, remind yourself that maybe there’s a reason it’s been nicknamed a “cattle call.” :D

  51. I would like to hear the story of Attack of the Six Foot Killer Blondes! Do tell!

  52. max

    I will write that one up. Though probably I should wait a week and slip it in so no one is expecting big things it has too much build up now.

    Right now I have to go lie like a snake. I ate a pizza. Like, the whole pizza. It was the first solid food I have had in days I could not stop I just finally got to EAT.

    Now I am paralyzed.

  53. I can’t have a whole pizza but tell me – what was on it?

    A girl needs to fantasize once in awhile!

  54. max

    I am sorry. I wish you could. It was sausage, mushrooms, and black olives.

  55. max

    Wait. It wasn’t. That was what I ordered, but that was pepperoni on that pizza. I was so happy to see pizza I did not even notice till now — after I destroyed it.

    I hope the pepperoni people liked sausage.

  56. Funny, I was just thinking (before I scrolled down) that pepperoni would have made it perfect. And ham, extra cheese and anchovies and pineapple.

    Deep dish or thin crust?

    Domino? Pizza Hut? Papa John’s? Local Italian restaurant?

  57. max

    The place is called Crispy Crust. I think they are just local but am not sure. They are nice the guy on the phone always remembers my name and calls me “Dear” and the pizza is good. [Ham and pineapple on pizza and anchovies on anything is a device of the devil but I will pretend not because you like it.]

  58. The nanny ate a pizza today, I said, didn’t I tell you when you got here I was craving something cheesey with tomato sauce? She laughed her ass off. LOL I choose a nap over food. I am glad you were able to finally eat,
    but Pizza? I can’t escape it.

    “I hope the pepperoni people liked sausage” One time we waved down the pizza guy and paid him but we weren’t the people who ordered it. ( I figured their pizza was going to be more than thirty mins late and at least it would be free…. )

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  60. max

    There is way too much pizza talk happening here.

    Jen, who was your celebrity clone?

  61. She’s adopted her own don’t ask don’t tell policy.

  62. max

    That is so wrong.

  63. It’s just not fair.

    But who says life is?

  64. max

    Things are going to be different when I run the universe.

  65. My results were:

    Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

    Charlize Theron

    Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

    don’t even know who she is.


  66. max

    EelKat, Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

  67. I just looked at the list and Mighty Joe Young is the only one she’s in that I have ever heard of… guess I watch a differant type of movie than hers, (I’m into classics/b&w mostly, plus sci-fi)oh well… she is very pretty though


  68. Max- if you get to run the Universe ( and I’m sure it will come to it’s senses and hand the reigns over to you soo)

    I’d be ever so grateful if you could make me look like Iman-

    Amen in Advance

  69. max

    Wow she has fires in her doesn’t she?

    You got it.

  70. They didn’t have my size. I feel discriminated against. I guess I fall somewhere around Lucy Lawless and Carmen Electra. They are homegrown and organic, though. Hmmm. I never fit in exactly (yay)

  71. Anita, Iman is fantastic. But I bet you are too. So don’t worry about changing, just stay yourself.

  72. max

    I had this physical anthropology instructor who said there were about three trillion possible outcomes from every gene pairing. Then she would look at something shiny and shake her head and say, Out of three trillion possible outcomes, this is what I got?

  73. Well…it would be pretty great to look like Iman- but I’m hearing you Stiletto.

    I look exactly like my Grandmother’s sister and she was the best looking woman older women ( I mean well into her 70 – 80’s ) that I’ve ever seen- so here’s to hoping.

    But the rest of my family are either really tall and perfect or really short and amazing and I’m just there in all of my average unique glory.

    three trillion possible outcomes.
    Oh well.

  74. max

    You know, Anita Marie, I have no idea what you look like, but the word “average” is just not one I would apply to you. [I am still cracking up over that alligator named Lockjaw.]

  75. Anita, stop being so humble! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate YOURSELF! I mean, think about it. do all these women you deem awesome, well, can they WRITE like you?

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