karma strikes


crucifiction by robert johnsonIn sudden karmic revenge —

I am paying for thinking it was funny loud people moved in on the other side of Violent Bi-Polar Neighbor Guy because the guy who has moved in above me is worse. I have learned fun new things though. Like, um, guys screaming in tandem is a symphonic sport. Shouting the door code to passersby in the street is just smart in Hollywood and also friendly. Yelling into your cell phone on your balcony about purchasing controlled substances at a government store is fun for the whole neighborhood. And. It is always wise to follow that up by shouting about kicking three guys’ asses in one day so bandits who enter the building to rob someone — conveniently using the door code you have been screaming into the street all day — go to the place downstairs instead of yours.

Oh. My. God. He is now shouting about jacking off.

Who talks about that in normal conversation?


Management has put Violent Faux Record Producer Guy on one side of me. Violent Bi-Polar Neighbor Guy on the other side of me. Now Security Disaster Screaming Controlled Substance Jacking Off Guy above me.

[Of all of the three guys to put above me, too, cripes, Jacking Off Guy? I can never open the glass doors again.]

They have one spot left where they can place a violent loud obnoxious unbearable tenant : Below me.

Then I will truly be enclosed in a full circle of Dante’s Hell.


[PS: If anyone from management is reading, wow, chalk another stellar pick up for you guys. Where do you pick these tenants up, outside a parole office?]


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that is crucifiction by robert johnson
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17 Responses to karma strikes

  1. Oh. My. God. He is now shouting about jacking off.

    Who talks about that in normal conversation?

    yeah, not to make you any more uncomfortable than you already are, but up in the joint dudes talk like that all the time.

    all i can say is, when you go out on your balcony, beware the dribble-down effect

  2. max

    This is more like heroine addict freak or stupid retarded thinks it makes me important and dangerous freak. [I so wish those two were easier to distinguish between.] What you are talking about, that is prison and military. Different animal.

    I am never opening those glass doors again though. Jeez.

  3. sounds like a left coast thing.

    round here the perpetual presence of shotguns under the bed and in the rear window of the truck tends to keep folk polite (and aware of who has had how many beers)

    but hey, quick solution might be to have the props department *accidentally* deliver a live crocodile to his door.

    you can yell the security code down to them from your bedroom window

  4. Maybe the next tenant they put in below you will be a hot, sexy, single, nice and normal guy.

  5. Sounds like you hit the trifecta.

  6. Does Jacking Off Guy have a stuffed giraffe?

  7. Maybe Max could give him one. Might shut him up for a bit.

  8. sulya

    I find myself thinking that somewhere – somewhere – there must be a quiet room, surrounded by quiet people for you max???

    The alternative is to start spreading ugly rumours until these guys take each other out… Perhaps that would be bad karma too, though?


    I’m sending some quiet street and building energy your way…

  9. Karma kicked my ass too. Lets kill her!

  10. max

    I went up at 3 and asked him to tone it down. I have seen this guy before. At the same time Faux Record Guy arrived someone on the floor above was hammering and slamming things around moving in during hours like 3 am and I went up then and it was the same guy. Why is he now directly over my head? Very weird.

  11. I guess I shouldn’t ask if Record Guy is…

    …Friend or Faux.

  12. max

    [ps: Michele you are awful sweet I have given up even on the thought though now I would just settle for quiet.]

  13. I think your management people hate you or something.

    You’re like – the only normal person – and they’re trying to get you to leave through nefarious means.

  14. max

    That would be pretty nefarious since they offered me a big cash incentive to re-sign.

  15. You should have just taken the money. And bought implants LOL!

  16. max

    LOL! Smart ass.

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