kangaroo etiquette


This is funny to me.

[I have a tragic weakness for entertaining commercials.]

[Also for kangaroos.]




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  1. I love this one. There is another amazing animal one for Bridgestone Tires where a squirrel is about to get hit by a car and all the animals make this horrified face and scream (the squirrel makes it after the car swerves).
    If I weren’t so lazy, I’d find it for you or put it on my blog.

  2. max

    I really enjoy some commercials more than is quite right.

  3. Dan

    I like these commercials quite a bit…they’re so bizarre. I think my favorite is the one where the goat tells the square car that he has square pupils. Weird.

  4. I’m not motivated to buy the vehicle, but the ad is entertaining. More commercials should be like that-as an American I expect, nay demand, to be constantly entertained by television.

  5. Daniel

    I love commercials when they are crafty – especially a lot of foreign ones that are less inhibited than in the States.

    I like the one where the guy is driving on a country road and animals start dropping in the sun roof and singing along with him. Some car company I think. He looks horrified with the wolf swallows the bird but all is well when the it spits out the bird for the next verse

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  7. max

    That one is a good one it is from Jeep it has made an appearance here too.

  8. sulya

    max, please tell me you have seen the series involving the “trunk monkey”???

  9. max

    No I haven’t. Trunk monkey?

  10. Dan

    Oh, good God…you must see the trunk monkey. Google it now. Now, I say!

  11. max

    Okay I am now familiar with the trunk monkey. Trunk Monkey is pretty funny.

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