just say no to susan


true evilImmediately after Giving Susan the Snub

Susan’s Revenge began.

Eight lightbulbs blew, the toilet broke, I cut my foot on glass, one of my tooth re-surface enamels came off, [fuck, I am so putting off calling the dentist], the printer started malfunctioning — hell electronics all the hell over the loft blew — the nefarious bug Ginormo returned, AND my face broke out BUT —

Since then?

My thumb — which has been an ongoing self repeating injury for over a freaking year — started to heal, my [um guys cover your eyes, okay never mind that one I will skip but it is a good thing], unexpected cash showed out of the blue, we attached a director to the script, cute guys who on purpose volunteer to quiet down if you stick your head out into the hall moved in down the hall, domestic violence neighbor guy stopped making noise, so did faux record recording guy, bad “let’s break things jack off and beat up fags” upstairs neighbor guy just got laid — which if you have to hear him up there on a regular basis is hella more entertaining than listening to him and/or his taser friends — AND my butt rose a quarter inch.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I am so sticking with the boycott Susan thing.


:::aliens stole my body i:::
:::aliens stole my body ii:::
:::aliens stole my body iii:::
:::aliens stole my body iv:::


where the art work comes from :
that is true evil from dew wipe

16 Responses to just say no to susan

  1. I told you- she scares me.
    I’m on board with this boycott thing.

  2. max

    Oh wow, I had messed with the date on that so it would not click over at midnight and I could think about it. Um. Oops. Guess that did not take.

  3. oh good, you bought a ladder

    g’morning max

  4. max

    Well I have two ladders but they are very small ladders and also I do not use them a lot.

    Morning Criminy.

  5. well how do you explain the upwards movement of the derriere then? A lessening of gravitanional pull in your immediate vicinity?

  6. All right girl! ‘Bout time! “Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day!”

    Two thumbs up the butt!

  7. Er, that would be, two thumbs up for the butt – for the butt, my dear!

  8. aj

    The bitch is bad news. Good call.

  9. max

    I worked my ass off?

  10. so your ass is now 1/4 inch closer to perfection

    that was such a bad pun i’m not messin with it

    butt keep up the good work

  11. max

    Oh now I have to call the pun police.

  12. on you…they have to catch me…i have no feminine wiles to protect me in court

  13. No – that would be the bun police.

    Haha, bunny!

  14. think you better put the pun police on speed dial

  15. max

    “bun police”


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