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A friend told me she was talking to other people we know mutually, and one of them was confiding in her they just didn’t know how to get their writing to that next level. What should she do? And then another person we knew mutually chimed in, Yes, me too.

And my friend said, Well take Max’s classes.

And they both looked at her blankly and said, Really?

I think this comes down to the contempt of familiarity. We’re friends. We hang out. We have a good time. And I don’t stomp around saying, Hey look at me.

This tends on some level to make people think, because we’re on the same social tier being friends and all, that means we’re on the same professional tier.

Not to be a bitch, but that ain’t so.

Unless someone else has worked professionally for five motion picture studios, has five produced films they worked on under their belt and has consulted on two others, has mentored three Nicholl winners in workshops and classes, and has twenty plus working writers they have mentored on their slate of “people I worked with who made it” AND has a film degree and miscellaneous other writing credits and awards — we’re not on the same professional tier.

Doesn’t mean I don’t love you. But knock it off.





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