jesus was a democrat


ising by nicole l. marquesCripes. It is December 21.

This means for sure I must face the fact Christmas is mere days away and can no longer linger in my more normal fugue state of “Christmas is ages away” denial. I guess I better get with that holiday spirit.


In the spirit of Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Christ which will no doubt be exercised in malls across the country featuring large men in ill fitting red plush suits with faux fur lapels [don’t sit on his lap, don’t do it, aahhh!] I thought maybe I should post something about Jesus. It is his birthday, after all.

Jesus was a Democrat.

This came up after the last [disastrous] presidential election when some of us in the forum were pondering whether Jesus could have beaten George Bush in the election and we pretty much figured he could not have but since my [too smart too good looking but I tolerate her anyway because she is funny and entertaining enough to forgive her those sins] friend Colleen said it best I will quote her :


“No way could Jesus have beaten Bush. His campaign platform: feed the hungry, take care of the sick, give to the poor… clearly he’s one of those ‘bleeding heart liberals.’ Plus he would not have a military service record, being a pacifist… clearly he has no ‘resolve’ — he must hate our troops. Plus there’s the matter of his friendships with prostitutes, his forgiveness of adulterers, etc… clearly he has no moral values. Assuming the Democrats would have chosen him as their candidate in the first place — which they wouldn’t have (he’s too ‘unelectable’) — the Republicans wouldn’t have voted for him, they would have assassinated him. Again.”


Hmm. Pretty rocky track record there, Jesus. That is okay though. It is your birthday. You get cake and ice cream on your birthday no matter how dubious your presidential potential. And hey, you do good box office you have a real shot in Hollywood if that politics thing does not work out.

Love and Kisses,

Your Holiday Spirit Adams Girl


where the artwork comes from from :
the fantasy art of nicole l. marques

12 Responses to jesus was a democrat

  1. Z

    You know those “My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter” bumper stickers? I’ve seen ones that say “My Boss is a Liberal Jew.”

  2. A few days ago i was visited by our local “jehovas witness”. He told me that Jesus was born i august, so the whole christmas thing in december is a fake.

    Well, fake or no fake, the whole family is looking forward of the days to come.


    Greetings from Sweden

  3. I love this post. I remember when that came up on your forum at .

    And the artworks just rocks. Have a peaceful and great Christmas, Max.

  4. max

    You too pretty girl.

  5. He was not a Liberal, nor was He a Jew. He was, however, the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son!

  6. max

    Hmm. Republicanite has responded to this post. Posts from unacknowledged sources are moderated so now I have to decide. Should I release the post?

    You vote.

  7. max

    Wow, are you sure? He is kind of whacko. Maybe when I get back from the holiday festivities and can moderate anything else he throws out there. It is really not safe to let him off a leash when I am not watching.

  8. max

    Okay, I am letting the boll weevil go.

    Behave, little republicanite, or I will shush you faster than you can say “gag order.”

  9. Little authoritarian dictator you be, Ms. Smarty Pants. What happened to the Liberal mantra of letting everyone have their say?

  10. max

    My blog, my say, Poptart. You are a guest in my space. Behave accordingly.

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