jesus has a pms day


jesusJesus thinks you’re —

A Sanctimonious Prick

He’s tired of your shit. Nobody thinks you’re different, or interesting, or cool. Certainly not the Saviour of all Men. Jesus wants you to quit being such a tool.


[That is a facebook quiz so you have to take it on facebook. It was funny as hell to me though.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from j.k. nuke

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  1. forkboy1965

    Jesus and I don’t talk. I doubt he’d have anything to say about me.

  2. Funny as hell is a funny way to put it…

  3. max

    I laugh every time I read “Jesus wants you to quit being such a tool.” That is one to save for your Easter friend Anita.

  4. You know, someone is making my Easter friend pay for that, like I’m her friend…you know?

  5. max

    God works in mysterious ways. [wink]

  6. Well, that Jesus loves whores. Is he a good judge of character.

  7. I actually feel really bad for talking bad about Jesus. This is territory I don’t even want to touch!

  8. max

    I think the whole point behind Jesus was not judging. Something a few churches seem to have lost track of.

  9. Oh, this is a deep quiz then. Okay that is acceptable.

  10. max

    LOL — I would not have thought so but yeah, I wonder if it is deep on purpose or that is just the result of a made up to be a smart ass quiz.

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