jeez slackers!


max_mit_borderUm. Apparently you guys —

Thought I was kidding about THE MOVIE?

I. Am. Not. Kidding. About.


[I composed a freaking sound track. That is not kidding.]


:::VOTE NOW:::





*special thanks to kitty and to kym for blogging this, everyone on facebook who has posted [deb rane jen chris kitty jordan christie michele did i miss anyone?], everyone on facebook who has joined the vote for max group , and everyone who has voted yay!


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  1. max

    By the way, votes do not get counted unless you answer the confirmation email.

  2. Kym

    A friend on Facebook put this up:

    “Joyce Milbauer Benton A friend of a friend needs your vote! One of the requirements of her job application is that she receive votes on a social networking application! It only takes a minute – Pay It Forward! From my friend: “A friend of mine, Max Adams–screenwriter for Excess Baggage, is applying for a dream job writing for a winery. Part of the job is using social networking sites like Facebook. So to get the job she has to get lots of votes from people who are friends of friends. Go in and check out her creative video resume and vote for her. ” “

  3. max

    That is very cool. Please thank your friend for me. Would she like the link to the facebook page on this? facebook page link vote for max

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