january first


gold_kissIt is —

January First [I am the queen of obvious observations today]. Stil and I should be lying on the floor in D.C. nursing hangovers and sharing anecdotes about the Cowboy Bar while occassionally tossing New Years celebration detritus for Pumpkin to chase.

Instead I am in L.A.

Kinda sucks.

But I am looking forward to something in January. I am really really looking forward to kissing George Bush good-bye.


Nineteen more days.


Good-bye George Bush good-bye.


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  1. We are all waiting … Happy new year!

  2. Damn straight on that girl, eight long long years of the shit, I’m so ready I’m saving some fireworks for that day.

    Happy New Year’s Max.

  3. max

    Happy New year Till and Kit. Smooch!

  4. Happy new year.

    By the way, there may be a snow storm in the DC area tomorrow. See what you are missing?

  5. Lucia

    Happy New Year, Max! Hope we could get together sometime.

  6. Welcome to the new year. Sorry you can’t be face down on the floor in DC with Stil.

  7. Happy New Year!
    Oh yes yes yes, the countdown to sanity and integrity and INTELLIGENCE in the White House begins. My 12 year old said the day after Christmas that the next big holiday was 1/20 – smart boy :-)

  8. I’ll be at a hometown Inauguration Party here in Terrace- music provided by my husband and his band- I’ll shall devote a dance and a drink to you Max.

  9. I think the rest of the world agrees with you Max about Bush. But it seems that most of the world is run by big business anyway so I don’t know if your new president can do better, but heres to hoping, right Max.

  10. sulya

    Happy New Year max!!!

  11. We can never adequately repay George Bush for all he’s done to … er, for this country.

    We are all deeply in his debt.

  12. max

    Happy New Year everyone.

  13. The whole world will celebrate. At least Canada will. We likey Obama.

    Happy New Year!

  14. We don’t really have to kiss him, do we?

  15. Brut

    Wishing you health, love and green lights in 09′.


  16. max

    Pooks, naw, it is just figurative.

    Brut, thank you right back atcha.

    Channel, I am pretty sure the whole world is with you there. [smile]

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