ixnay on the egacylay


phone wires, j pallasIt is official —

I have replaced the legacy phone.

This probably spells the end of the space time continuum or something. I mean, first replacing light bulbs, then hanging a shower curtain, and now, replacing the legacy phone. Yegads. If I get any more organized I will be wondering if I have been replaced by aliens.

It was completely accidental. Walking down the sidewalk suddenly there was a T-Mobile store right in front of me. It is a brand new store. It has never been there before. Like one of those mystery stores that show up on Twilight Zone episodes, one day it was not there, and today it was. That is too easy to pass up so I walked in and voila, no more legacy phone I have a new phone and it can take photos and send them which is what the legacy phone could no longer do.

Also a lady walked up to me today at a street corner and told me she was psychic and my aura is shining and a rainbow.

[She also wanted twenty bucks to do a reading right there so you sort of have to take that with a grain of salt but it made me feel good.]


where the art work comes from :
that is by jim pallas [i hope i got the right j pallas there]

11 Responses to ixnay on the egacylay

  1. Sheesh… “my aura is shining and a rainbow.” I could have told you that.

  2. californiablogging

    LOL on Woe’s comment! I love getting a new phone but I have to retrain myself and that’s just awkward.

  3. Jen

    I hate shopping for a new phone! But I’ll have to do it this summer.
    Maybe I can get a reading at the same time?

  4. max

    Funny Woeful.

    This woman said some things that were pretty accurate, standing there. Part of me regrets not doing it because now I will be curious.

  5. Kym

    I dug deep in the mystic dark cupboard, retrieved the tin of prophecy, blew off the dust, and withdrew the magic tarot cards.

    They say that had you asked the woman to tell your future you would have heard that rainbows fill your aura and joy awaits you if you can but avoid an older man with red or auburn hair. New laurels await you in the future but you must overcome your hermit like tendencies, work to interweave family and friends into your daily life and be thankful for the many blessings you already have. Beware though the older man. He could lead you to despair.

    I haven’t read tarot for a long time. That was fun. Let me know if you start interacting with an older redheaded man. Then I’ll start worrying.

  6. max

    That is really odd. A friend of mine who gets premonitions last week asked me if I had met any red headed men recently.

  7. Kym

    Looks like you better not even look at Ireland;>

  8. max

    Hmm. I have recently met an Irishman. He does not have red hair though and is not older. Whew.

  9. It’s a good thing you didn’t go to the 13th floor of that store.

    It’s where all the mannequins hang out….

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