it is a christmas miracle time


dissociation ii by chaovskyWow. Management —

At the loft returned part of my deposit.

I did not think this would happen I am sort of agog.

I would like to think that reflects a positive aspect of human nature. I think it is more likely during our small disagreement [coughcoughcough] over the legality of charging new cam fees for a year old already concluded lease and the discovery sorting numbers they upped my rent more than lease terms allowed and lets not even get into the two plus months of downtime for “internet cable service” they charged me for when there was not internet service and I had to wander like an orphan to the Academy to borrow a computer they are probably just hoping if they give me back some of my cash I will not sue.

[Odds are those books can seriously not hold up to an audit.]

Oh well it is still a Christmas miracle of sorts.


where the art work comes from :
that is dissociation ii by chaovsky

10 Responses to it is a christmas miracle time

  1. And have a Happy New Year

  2. californiablogging

    OH, I won a hundred and twenty eight bucks from the lotto! Serious, christmas miracle!

  3. Take your Christmas miracles where you can get ’em and don’t look a gift miracle in the mouth.


  4. max

    “don’t look a gift miracle in the mouth”

    Well that is what they told the Trojans and that did not go so well for Troy.

  5. Oh right, one time it backfires and people never let you forget it.

  6. Kym

    Max talking about Christmas…Now THAT is a Christmas miracle!

  7. Congratulations, Max – now take that money and go buy a lotto ticket!

  8. [Hopefully your next post won’t be about how the money is counterfeit]!

  9. aj

    I would take the check and flip em the bird and you bank it.

  10. Nothing spurs Christmas miracles like pending litagation.

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