it hurts

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, I worked for a special liabilities and coverage unit.

In plain English, that means an investigative office that looks into insurance claims on contamination.

One day I listened to a bunch of guys on tape giving depositions talk about how there was nothing wrong with the company, that company sent them in for regular check ups, that company was looking out for them.

It was just coincidence I guess, the people on that tape were dead.

All of them.

I just talked to my dad,

His cat is dead.

Probably that is coincidence too.

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  1. aj

    Sorry to hear that Max.

  2. Tell your dad I also give my condolences.

    His cat is dead? Was it the cat food? Did he know about the recall? That seems the odder coincidence in my mind. Eek.

    I was always one of those guys who thought cats weren’t “manly” as pets. Then, last year, we got a couple working cats. I love the little boogers. Don’t mess with my cats, I’ll sick my dog on you!

  3. max

    Thank you for your condolences.

  4. Wow. I am sorry about your dad’s cat.

  5. tj

    I am sorry as well. If my dog died due to someone’s carelessnes or intentional malice it probably would be no coincidence what happened to them either.

  6. Max, you did everthing you could as soon as you learned about this criminal situation and it still strikes so close to home. I am sorry your dad lost his cat.

  7. max

    Thank you everyone. I do not know what happened. She eats dry food at home. Menu Foods does not even make dry pet food. But, it is the country, cats go visiting, she could have been picking up extra at a neighbor’s. I feel sick.

  8. Sophia

    I’m sorry about your dad’s cat, Max.

  9. max

    Thank you Sophia.

    I am glad you are back. I have missed you.

    You too Stilletto. Today is return of the disappearing girls. [smile]

  10. Poor Dad’s cat. Poor Dad. I’m so sorry.

  11. This sounds crazy but I’m alone a lot and sometimes I’ll look over at Lunar Space Pumpkin and think, Damn, I love that cat, I love her so much. She looks at me with those big brown saucer eyes and I think she can almost read right into my soul.

    The amazing thing is, when I’m sick from the flu or laid up in bed from some serious partying, I’m positive she knows it. She NEVER leaves my side, she will sit at the edge of the bed and guard me until I make some effort to leave the room. This is what makes it worth cleaning her vomit and furballs.

  12. I guess my point is, only another animal lover could understand this. Some people think it is silly to cry over animals but they are like children to us.

  13. max

    When Jones was a baby, there was some really weird scary stuff going down, and I used to wake up at night and he would be sitting in the doorway in the moonlight guarding the bedroom door. He weighed four pounds and was not even eight weeks old when I found him and there he was, just this baby guarding me.

    I really loved that cat.

  14. Z

    I am very sorry for your dad’s loss.

  15. Me too, I’m sorry about your dad’s cat and am hoping he died at a ripe old age.
    I’m scared to know what it was, Max.

  16. max

    It was renal failure. She was fifteen. She was a foundling kitten raised on a bottle. She had a good span. But I am sad. Thanks, Kitty.

  17. Nancy

    It’s hard. When our cats died (of old age) a few years ago it was really rough.

  18. max

    It is hard. Loke, Dolph, and Jones went one a year each fall for three years running till I was all alone. That hurt so much it was debilitating and I do not know if I can ever do that again. Now I share other people’s animals [happy birthday Dash] and when I need real animal time go put in time at an animal rescue center. They get Max love and I get rescue dog and cat and bunny love and we are just passing through so do not get too attached. It works out.

  19. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad’s cat–and thank you for writing me–I have missed blogging. I cannot have a life without animals. They are so important to me.

  20. max

    Welcome back, Lulu. I was wondering if we needed to send out a search party.

  21. Thanks! No telling where you would have found me! [I’m not telling]

  22. max

    Best not, I am impressionable and running low on spirits of amonia.

  23. Jones sounds like she was a sweet cat.

  24. max

    He sort of loved me and hated all others.

  25. Hi Max
    I’m really very sorry about your Dad’s Cat and I’m sorry for those voices on that tape, the ones you still hear.

    At least you know they were there, that they were real people- and now we do too so that HAS to count for something

    I’ve been lucky- my cats made it to almost 20 and my oldest cat is turning 18 this July.

    Wolfgang has been pretty lucky- for an old guy the only problem is a little stiffness in his left hind leg- and he’s losing his hearing.

    Besides that he’s one healthy boy- so if he gets kidney failure I’m going to be less myself for a very long time

    I just found out my friend’s sister- who is a nurse in a hospital- found out she has cancer- she’s an x-ray tech.

    When I look at my life, it’s shocking to see how fragile everyone REALLY is- I guess that’s why we should try to be a little more gentle with each other.


  26. max

    Oh well, it was time to quit that job when I would get home and start crying. The guys I worked with there were all retired cops and I figure they hired mostly ex cops because anyone who could handle 20 years on the force could handle that job — but I could not. Not after a while.

    I am sorry about your friend’s sister.

  27. Thanks Max, it’s been a hell of a year.

    I can understand why you left that job- pretty much why I left the Funeral Home- I couldn’t seperate myself from the job anymore and I constantly felt numb- like some earth shattering event would happen, or something that required real emotion and I just didn’t react anymore.

    Oh, I take that back, I’d see a dead animal at the side of the road and fall apart.

    It was weird.

    Now I’m happy to say I’ve made up for that by over reacting to every little thing in my life.

    Ah, the freedom.

  28. That’s how it was for me when I was a child abuse investigator. I remember going to a trailer to investigate a family, and I saw two rabbits in a small hutch outside. It was a hot day and they didn’t have any water. I do not remember what I was there for, but I do remember the bunnies. I am still worried about them. I remember thinking how I could never have been an animal control officer and see abused animals all the time, even though I saw some ugly stuff. Haunting stuff. The kind of stuff that gives you little pictures in your mind at the most inappropriate moments. I lasted a year and a half. I figured at least kids can tell you what happened. Except the babies. Dead, broken babies gives me the same feeling. Sigh.

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