is it just me


Okay. Is it just me? Or —

Does anyone else think Sarah Palin is the Elizabeth Berkley of the Republican party? This is a lot like Showgirls. A whole bunch of powerful Hollywood guys get themselves in all kinds of trouble on a film and then one newcomer no one ever heard of before the movie launched becomes an unemployable Hollywood pariah and Verhoeven and Eszterhas and all the studio execs walk away like the film was her fault.

I am watching Sarah Palin stuff go down and while I do not feel for Palin the way I felt for Berkley watching her train wreck the similarities are startling. Even Fox News has apparently turned on Palin [who knew Fox News could actually turn on a Republican] and is now announcing she does not even know Africa is a continent. Um, hello, does Bush know Africa is a continent? Bush cannot even pronounce nuclear how could he keep his continents straight? But suddenly —

The ire and outrage of a nation — hell of the world if the Brits are actually blowing up Palin in effigy — is all focused on one small uneducated woman from Alaska who is such a political newcomer they had to dress her just to shove her on a stage and nobody is pointing at the power players. Bush? Cheney? Rove? Anybody remember those players? Who by the way are still pulling strings in D.C. so are not only culpable for a collection of crimes and misdemeanors so monumental they make Nixon bugging Democratic party hotel rooms look like a boy scout making his merit badge, but are still doing whatever the hell they want while everyone else is busy blowing up Palin replicas and completely ignoring the fact McCain and the power players chose Palin in the first place and are now just handing her over to Fox News while they pretend they are all roses.

We grew up enough to put Obama in office. Isn’t it time we grew up enough to stop chasing decoys too?


i mean it too about bush and continents someone call the white house and ask, does bush know africa is a continent — i bet he doesn’t i bet he cannot even find it on a map


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  1. Kym

    Bravo, I’m not a fan of hers but she’s getting shoved under the car wheels now and a whole lot was wrong with that ticket before she was part of it. McCain was already dragging the dead stinking corpse of Bush into this election, there was the economy which he couldn’t seem to address calmly and then was his own problems. Palin actually energized the core of the Republican party. Her gaffes didn’t help but she wasn’t the root cause of the party loosing this election.

  2. max

    Bottom line, McCain and the guys pulling his strings put Palin on the ticket. That says hella more about their incompetence than it says about Palin. She is just an ignoramus from the sticks who did not know better. They have years of experience in government and damn well should know better and the whole Palin thing should be sitting smack on their doorstep. They are acting instead like she somehow fooled all of them when really they were trying to fool the American public.

  3. Maybe this is the Republican’s way of telling their folks not to be so down about them losing because look what they could’ve elected. If I were a republican, I’d feel duped because last week, according to McCain, she was all that. This week, she’s a hillbilly. Suckers…

  4. max

    I do not really care what it is. I want people to stay focused on the White House the bad people are still there and still doing bad things and that is not stopping just because they lost an election they still have months to go there and are probably poisoning the well water, burning memos and melting down Lincoln’s silver as we type.

  5. Maybe no one is paying attention to what the other hand is doing (those players still in the White House) because they have been sidelined in such a major way?

    W’s approval rating in the toilet. Lame duck presidency. No one expecting them to really do much of anything between now and Jan. 20, 2009 (other than the possibility of bombing Iran. So why not put into the limelight the dog and pony show that was Sarah Palin.

    While I agree that those who selected her should have known better, it doesn’t excuse her from saying “Ohhh, sure. What the heck! I’ll be your V.P., John.”

    But let us not forget why she was selected by the Republican Party: McCain’s campaign needed someone, anyone, who would help ensure that the Republican base would turn out on 4 Nov. and pull the lever, if you will, for the McCain ticket. He never had the full support of the base and while they certainly would never have voted for Obama, they may have not turned out at all. It was a calculated move by McCain’s handlers and it backfired gloriously.

    I see nothing wrong with egging on the fireworks that have begun. Don’t put out into the national consciousness a person who is clearly both un-ready as well as unintelligent and not expect comedy to ensue.

  6. No, Ms.Palin does not deserve to be thrown under the tires. But if the election had gone the other way, if the Republicans had won, how much credit do you think would have been given to Sarah, and her revitalization of the party? How much credit do you think she would have demanded? A lot, I betcha.

    This whole situation brings to mind the source of all my life’s philosophies, the theme song from “The Facts of Life”. Specifically, the part that says, “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have. The facts of life.”
    As true today as it was, when it was written.

  7. First off, I’m one of the few people who actually thinks Showgirls didn’t get enough credit.

    Anyway, it isn’t surprising that the GOP is eating its own. They are in total chaos right now without leadership or direction. Who do they woo? Fiscal conservatives or social conservatives? They lost the young and since children are our future they’re in trouble. Once you get the young you have them for decades. They also lost the Latino vote and that really hurts since their demographic is the only constantly growing demographic in the Country. Add to that the fact that by about 2040 Whites will be the minority… Simply put, the Republican Party is in BIG trouble.

    And I have had enough of Palin for a lifetime (hearing both good and bad). I would rather she just went away. I prefer to think about all the Executive Orders Obama is going to overturn during his first month as President. He doesn’t need Congress to do that, he only needs a pen.

  8. I’m perfectly willing to watch Palin get thrown under the bus because despite the fact she knew she was out of her league ( and don’t give me that learns fast line )what do you think would have happened had she been made President?

    Yeah…we all would have been under the bus.

    I sing no sad songs for Palin, and if she can’t handle stuff like this she probably should find an even smaller town then Wasilla to be Mayor of and HOPE nobody in the RNC or the rest of the world knows where it is.

  9. I have been thinking the same thing – I do not like Palin one teeny bit, but, what is going down now is a bunch of people trying to save their asses for McCain’s loss and going after the easy target.

    They picked her. They sold her to the American people [or tried to] – and now they are showing how much they think of the American people by calling her a hillbilly from Wasilla. They knew it all along. Those jerks.

  10. Ben

    Repeat after me: “Senator Palin, Senator Palin” Mark my words.

  11. max

    Oh jeez. Now I am going to have bad dreams.

  12. Don’t worry Max.
    What’s that I hear?
    I think that bus is circling the block.

  13. I understand that if Stevens wins the recount he will be banished from the Senate for his seven felony convictions (for which I do not understand why he isn’t already in prison). At this time Palin gets to pick his successor… She can pick herself if she wants.

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