ip frenzy


jeansThis is annoying. All my comments are going to spam [my site] or moderation [other sites unless they are going to spam there too]. Why is this happening?

I think it is because my freaking cable keeps going down and I keep unplugging and going wireless and for some reason my own blog does not want to take my posts now with another ip.

Except that is stupid I am always wireless on the little computer and it does not do this. I do not think.

I wonder if the wireless line I am pirating has some big spam blacklist mark or something. Is Merc Rx?

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  1. Hey it’s happening over here too! It’s a conspiracy!

  2. max

    It is maddening. Everything takes three steps where it should take one.

  3. max

    Oh since none of my comments are showing up other sites either and who knows if those will be saved from the spam filters or just go poof —

    What was this AJ|Max dream?

  4. Yesterday that’s what some of my e-mails did- I was looking at the in box and they just went POOF and then they came back

    I hate Cyber Space- it’s ruled by a cruel and vindictive God.


  5. Looks like someone has run afoul of homeland security.

  6. max

    It is all fun and games till someone loses their citizenship.

  7. I was at a meeting last night about immagration and guest worker programs and found out that this detention center is putting in hundreds and hundreds more beds.

    Don’t know who they’re for but I intend to be a very good girl and not flip the bird at the Homeland Security Cars I see driving all around Down Town Seattle every freaking day.

    Damn, now I’m going to have to find something else to do when I’m waiting for the bus home.

  8. max

    I probably had a file at birth. My father in his youth was not exactly establishment friendly.

    As long as I am in trouble anyway though —

    Anyone with a cat or dog that does not approve of the current REGIME send a photo to and|or

  9. AJ/Max dream – tomorrow

  10. Girl I am so exhausted. I’m slightly hungover and my thighs ache. I should have been in bed hour ago. But I’m addicted to reading’/writing/tinkering with blogs.

    It will be done tomorrow. Of course don’t hold me to my word lol

  11. Hey I found two of your comments in the spam box.

  12. max

    All of my comments are going into spam boxes. Sigh.

  13. Well I cannot reply to comments on my blog from my Mac without it resetting the whole page. I place the cursor in the box and wham! I am back at the top of my home page again.

  14. max

    This is not even an ip thing either I have logged on from three different ip’s and it makes no difference. Every post goes to spam.

  15. it’s not just you. this is happening across wordpress for some reason.

    it’s glitched me several times and not even on posts that akismet normally finds tasty (read as link-heavy).

    several friends got glitched in a similar manner

    i have a theory HERE

    but the very inclusion of a link means this will probably get eaten

  16. ooooooh.

    not eaten. kewl.

  17. I am still in the glitch hell….. I can’t post on Stiletto’s blog but now I can post on yours. Maybe it just goes away.

  18. max

    Jen send feedback to WordPress and tell them your account is acting wonky they are usually pretty fast about fixing that kind of thing.

  19. Thank you! I will do.

  20. Jennifer while you are over there can you tell the WP boys that I’m having the same issue? Just figured we could kill two birds with one nag.
    (nag as in verb not noun).

  21. One more thing, Jennifer. If you use Safari try Firefox instead. I’m not getting kicked out of my comment box anymore.

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